Old Friend Returned

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Note that these are only to help
  • Candles or incense
  • Lighter
  • Music
  • Picture
  • Item of from that person
  • Item resembles that person
  • Something that represents what you both had in common
  • Plate or bowl

This is just a visualize spell that will help you meet one of your friends that you have not seen in a while and would like to see. Please noitice that you may not see them the time you wish to, but somewhere later in the year.

Casting Instructions for 'Old Friend Returned'

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Light the incense or candle while placeing the picture or item on a bowl/plate. If music helps you enter your consince then add some music on low or if your hardcore, on loud. Now think of the person and remeber something about them and what they looked last time you saw them, you may have to go and meet with your guide spirit or dragon, or which ever creature is helping you with your journey. Now, after that, keep imagining that persons face. Grab the picture or item, if a picture and item take the picture, and think of that person appearing in front of you. Then take the item and hold it near your chest, your eyes for sure closed. Think of what ever you can remeber about that person. Now think of what you two had in common. Hold that thought in your mind for about 20 seconds, if you have a flash back.. Bring it full burst to present, feel his or her presence. After it is over blow out what is left and put the bowl or plate of items and/or pictures on a desk or something. Soon enough you should see them.


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