Draw in the essence of the Cosmic Spirit of Wrong

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • some other people to join in
  • loud messy music
  • bright flashing lights (optional)
  • alcohol (optional)

By getting into the right environment and the right mental state, one can draw the essence of the Cosmic Spirit of Wrong (a deity) into oneself, and feel said essence.

Casting Instructions for 'Draw in the essence of the Cosmic Spirit of Wrong'

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This is magic, but not a spell. It is 'non-spell magic'. There are no chants or other words, symbolic objects, or imagination-become-reality.

I was told of this method directly via a vision from the Cosmic Spirit of Right. The degree of efficacy of this method will vary between individuals, due to differences between individual souls.

This is the method:

Gather some people together, preferably in a house; the more people, the better. Keep the house's windows and back door open. Turn on some loud music, but not just any music; the music must be messy, amelodic (without melody), and/or cheerful. Messy gospel or rock music are preferable. Loudly talk and laugh with the other people. Preferably set up and use bright flashing lights. Drinking some alcohol can help to get you into the intended mindset, though drinking too much alcohol can backfire by dulling your consciousness.

You must get into the right mindset, which is facilitated by the aforementioned environment and actions. Focus upon the perverse pleasure of disrupting the beautiful quietness, solitude, dim lighting, and beauty in general, so that you feel like you are merging with, dominating, and encompassing the universe. By doing so, you are drawing in and feeling the essence of the Cosmic Spirit of Wrong.


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