Death Spells

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Spell Index => Health Spells => Death Spells

As a sub set of the Health Spells in general, these death spells are some of the most powerful spells in this spell book.

Although none of the spells will directly cause the death of the intended victim they will cause the body to get ill and die.

However, because of the power of the spells, when they backfire onto the caster, they are usually much more powerful then they would normally be, making removal of a mis-cast death spell nearly impossible.

More Free Death Spells

Three Nights of Hell Spell
Blood Curse
Calling Of Lucifer
Cursed By Voodoo
Death Essence Bane
Discord and Darkness
Exorcise Spirits
Hexing Your Enemy
Invoking the Flames of Hades
Kava Kava death spell
Lonely Hide and Seek
Possess An Enemy
Revenge Spell
Spiteful Demon of Torment
The Death Game
Twilight Vampire
Voodoo Curse
(POWERFUL) Kill Someone
A Quick Death
Ancient Curse
Ancient Egyptian Curse
Another Death Spell
Ashes to Ashes
Banish Evil
Bannishing Evil Things
Be Gone
Become a Demon
Become a Necromancer
Become Half Demon
Black Arts - Death Wish Spell
Black Death Curse
Blood Star
Bloody Mary's Death Spell
Bones of Anger Hex
Brand New Vampire
Bring Happiness
Burn That God Forsaken Place
Cast a Voodoo Curse
Chant of a Demonic Slasher
Classical Resurrect
Coffin Hex
Coma Curse
Congure the Grim Reaper Spell
Creation Curse
Curse an Enemy
Curse of Fear
Curse Someone
Curse to death
Dark Lady Chant
Dark of Red
Darken a Life
Darkness Become
Dead Eye (Demonic)
Deadly Curse
Death and disruption brew
Death by Ice
Death from Lilith
Death Note no. 4
Death Poppet
Death Spell
Death Spell
Death to all Around You
Death to An Enemy
Death to Thee
Death Upon You
Death Wish
Deaths Door
Departed Person or Pet
Destroy the World
Devour a Victim's Soul
Discord and Darkness
Dre' khye (Ultimate Death)
Druidic Night Terror
Earthquake Spell
Empower Your Wand
Fallen Angle Seal
Fear Inducer
Five Pointed Death
Footprint Stab
Get Revenge
Get the Power of Jashin
Gluten potion
Goofer dust recipe
Harm or Kill someone
Heartbreak City
Hell Meassage
Hellfire (Lucifers' Echoes)
Hex Removal
How to Grow Fangs
How to Orbit
Interview With a Corpse
Invoke the Triangle
Invoking Spade
Kill Your Best Mate
Kill Evil
Kill Someone
Kill with Berries
Killing Curse
Lemon Curse
Life Drain
Life Frain
Lucifers Touch
Make a Poppet Doll
Make someone sick
Making Someone Dream of Death
Messenger of Darkness
Misery Curse
Necromancers Fury
Necromantic CIrcle
Nightmare call
Nine Layers of Hell Curse
Pain Ritual
People Pusher
Poison Spell
Porteck me Baron Samedi
Powerful Revenge Spell
Prolonged Suffering
Pureblodvampire spell
Quietus Curse
Raven haws
Real Life ''Gaster Blaster''
Revenge Spell
Satanic Death Spell
Shadow Control
Sick by Orange
Simple Killing
Slime Fireball
Soul Destruction
Soul Trap
Spear My Life
Spells of Magic Conscious
Split your Soul
Stop Blood Magick
Strong Curse
Summon a Demon
Summon a Vampire Faery
Summon Luicfers Daughter
Summon Slenderman on an Enemy
Summon the Dead
Summon The Grinning Cat
Summoning of the Devil
Tail's Doll
The Curse
The Devil's Face
The Lemon Curse
The seer
The spell of wumbo
Three Nights of Hell
Time of Death
To kill someone
To Kill with Life
To Summon the Dead
To Vanquish a Ghost Demon
Tree of headaches
Vampire spell
Voodoo Doll Spell
Wake the Dead
Weed Curse
Wishing Misfortune
A Thousand Storms
Black Curse
Bloody Black Rose
Burn Someone to Death
Curing Depression
Curse of the Gods
Curse Spell
Death Needles
Death of Nature
Deathly Things
Dream of the Dead
Fall Ill
Fear/Sorrow Inducer
Flame of Death
Gates to Hades
Hallucination Spell
Hel's Curse
Make Someone Go To Hell
Meteor Spell
Necronomicon Killing Hex
Norse Prayer for the Dead
Piggy Nose
Raging Hordes
Reality Shatter
Rid of horror
Sacrificial Soul Death
Send Enemies to Their Doom
Soul Consumption
Summon a Demon
Turn into a Zombie
Vampire Curse
Banishing Spell for Bad Spirits
Become Half Demon and Half God And Choose your demon and goddess parent.
Full demon/god combination spell
Mirror Gazing to Contact the Spirit of a Deceased Loved One
Become a Demon and Choose the Type of Demon
You Messed with the Wrong Witch
Become a Vampire That Controls Themself
Curse mark spell and sharingan spell
How to make a Death Note Spell no. 1
Permissioned for Spirits or Ghost
Spell to Vanquish Someone/thing
Vampire transformation incantation
Your Opponent's Worst Nightmare
For Going Out Into the Day and Living After Death
Spell for Going Out Into the Day
blood boil curse
contact the grim reaper *real*
onion money spell
stop someones heart
vicious hex
agony and death for arrogant and evil minded.
revenge/death to your hated enemys
Black Death Spell
Bluen's Satanic Death
Curse of Illness
Death by Voodoo Doll
Death Potion
Egyptian Funerary Rite
Hecate Justice
Incurable Disease
Isabelle's Curse
Knot hex
Simple Death Spell
Summon Volos
To get Revenge Hex
Vampiric Poison
Druidic Death Hex
1,000 Deaths
An Evil Death
Ancient Curse
Animal Spirit Hex
Appear Dead
Azrael's Touch
Banish Spell
Basic Necromantic Meditation
Become a Creepypasta
Become a Demon Zombie
Become a Vampire
Become Half Demon and Half God
Black Ash
Black Death Revenge
Blood Chalice Offering
BlOoDy MaRy spell
Bloody Revenge
Bones of Anger hex
Break Someone's Leg
Burn a Person to Their Death
Call zozo spell
Chain Binding
Chant of Death
Circle of Rage
Cobweb Binding
Collect an Enemies Soul
Common Werewolf Spell
Contact a Deceased Loved One
Curse Against Enemies
Curse Mark
Curse sealing scroll and mark
Curse Spell
Dark Core Increase
Dark Message
Dark Reflection
Darkness and Revolution
Dead Appear
Deadly Clairvoyance
Deadly Death Spell
Death by Fire
Death Conjure
Death God Paper
Death Note Spell no.2
Death potion
Death Spell
Death Spell
Death to all Enemies
Death to the One You Hate
Death Upon a Person
Death Whisper
Death's Scythe
Demonic Shadow Manipulaton
Destroy a Succubus
Detonating Vail
Disable a Machine
Draconic Curse
Druidic Curse Spell
Dry Bones Game
East Indian Tantra
Energy Blade
Fauces Necomancia
Fire and Ice Blast
Flower Power
From Dust to Dust
Get Revenge on Someone
Gh0st spell for just on night
Goofer Dust
Halál Potion
Heart of the Death
Hel's Curse
Hell's Curse
Hells Burning
How To Curse Someone
How to Hurt or Kill Someone
how to summon Jeff the killer
Il vamp spell side effects
Immortality Spell
Invoke Death
Invoking Hel
Invoking The Mistress Of Blood
Kill an Enemy
Kill Plants and Animals
KILL spell
Kill Yourself in the Afterlife
Killing Touch
Letter to Shinigami
Life Force Transference
Love Me or Die
Lust For Me or Die
Make A Working Magick Wand
Making a Hex
Maran Mantra of Enemies
Meteor spell
Mortal Vampire Spell
Muto Plaga Vitae
Necromancy Beginner
Needle Pierced
Nightmare Spell
Peach Pit Poison
Poison Apple
Poisoned Apple
Potion of Sickness
Prevent Backfire
Prolonged survival
Purple Fireball
Raise the Dead Charm
Ravens Death Curse
Remove a Death Curse
Revenge Spell
Sarchopagus Charm
See your Dead Self
Shape Shifters Killing
Sickness Descends
Sing-song, A song for Death
Son of Satan
Soul Torment
Sparks Fly
Spell of Destruction
Spiteful Binding
Ssummon Cryto
Stop Minecraft Griefers
Summon a Vamp
Summon a Vampire in Seconds
Summon Slender Man On An Enemy
Summon the Dead
Summon the Grim Reaper
Summon Undead Dragon
Summoning Slenderman
Taking Someone's Soul
The Bath Game
The Curse of Death
The Judgment Day
The Living Undead
The Spell of Death
Three Nights of Hell
Tiki Summoning
To Kill A Person
To Kill Someone
To set a Building on Fire
To Vanquish a Ghost
Tormentia Curse
Urine Death Conjure
Vampire Spell (The Real Deal)
Voodoo doll spell
Wave Song
Were wolf spell by Cece360
You're Dead
Black Orb Curse
Bring Pain Inside-Out
Crushed by Fate
Curse of Steel Coffin
Curse of War
Darkness Ritual
Death Curse
Death of a Foe
Death Wish (Revenge)
Demonic Seal
Egyptian Funerary Rite
Fat Spell
Fire Creation
Friends With Devil
Grim Reaper Visit Spell
Haunting Curse
Make a rosé live longer
Make Someone Heartless
Mirror to Death
Nightengale Contract
Pain or death to enemy
Plagued Dreams
Real blod boil Curse
Rid of Horror
Seal someones Lips
Simple Nightmares
Spell of Curruption
Summon A Demon
Vacuum Palm
Vampiric Blood Ritual
Become Half Angle Half Demon with Retractable Wings
Easy No Ingredients Revenge Spell
God Spell (warning can be permanent)
Switch Bodies With Any Girl (Have to be under 16)
Become half demon/demoness (really works)
Alchemic Potion No.2 Death Potion
Bloody Mary eternity death spell
Half demon spell (really works)
Mystic SilverThread's Dark Cauldron
Posion Apple Sleeping Death Spell
vampire spell works i got it from my demon freindAKA(lucifer)and yes i talk to him
Vampire transformation incantation
Coffin Nail Transformation Spell
protection from a an Evil Spirit or you can say Spell to Banish an Evil Spirit
lightning attack
conjure ghost
death potion
vampire spell
deaths touch
murder someone and make it look accidentally
spell to turn into a vampire over night


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