Nine Layers of Hell Curse

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 round wooden altar
  • 9 red candles
  • 1 large white candle
  • 1 athame
  • 1 cursed object (Ouija Board used to channel Zozo works fine)

This ritual is made to curse and torture a person by the agonies brought on by nine arch-demons. This ritual will allow one to journey into Hell and throw a mortal soul before nine arch-demons and destroy the victim nine times in Hell. This ritual is most likely fatal to the mortal body of the victim. This ritual can invite demons into your home if it is used too much. This spell has one catch, it kills the weakest people in the house of your target first, so repeated use is necessary. This ritual circumvents the judgment of God upon a targeted soul should the victim die as a result.

Casting Instructions for 'Nine Layers of Hell Curse'

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(1) Place the red candles in a circle with the white candle in the center on the altar. Place the athame to the right and a cursed object to the left on the altar. Visualize the Gates of Hell opening and the evil energies surrounding your ritual site.
(2) Hold the white candle and visualize that you are holding the person you are going to curse in your hand. Take a few minutes to visualize the person being the white candle and once you feel it, you place the candle back in the center of the circle of red candles and light it.
(3) You can move around the altar as you progress through the ritual. Pick up and hold one of the red candles and visualize that it is a demonic being of fire and smoke and will smite the victim over and over in the most terrible ways as described in each line, while descending into Hell. When you are done, light the candle and go to the next.
(4) Visualize that the victim?s soul is no more and that it has been erased by Satan?s appetite. Now you visualize yourself leaving Hell. When you are done, take the athame; blow out the white candle and stab it through.
(5) After you read this line, you blow out the demon candles.

(1) I call upon the cursed power of Hell, the Fiery Hell that burns souls.
(2) Open wide the Gates of the Fiery Abyss and damn that which is represented by this white candle.
(3) I call to Lilith to bring obscenities to my foe! I enter into the First layer of Hell with this soul.
(3) I call to Adramelech to break the faith from my foe! I enter into the Second layer of Hell with this soul.
(3) I call to Bael to kill my foe! I enter into the Third layer of Hell with this soul.
(3) I call to Belphegor to bring great debt to my foe! I enter into the Forth layer of Hell with this soul.
(3) I call to Asmodeus to burn my foe in raging fires! I enter into the Fifth layer of Hell with this soul.
(3) I call to Astaroth to bring a painful death to my foe! I enter into the Sixth layer of Hell with this soul.
(3) I call to Lucifuge to hide my name from my foe! I enter into the Seventh layer of Hell with this soul.
(3) I call to Beelzebub to block all good things from my foe! I enter into the Eighth layer of Hell with this soul.
(3) I call to Satan to eternally damn my foe! I enter into the Ninth layer of Hell with this soul.
(4) We are at the bottom of Hell and I am done with you for you are worthless in my eyes so you shall not exist. I curse this pain for you have messed with a demon and got cursed. I am done with my journey to the depths of Hell and I shall be gone from this miserable pit, but I leave my memories of you to burn forever!
(5) It shall be so!


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