Sarchopagus Charm

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 13 long black candles
  • Salt
  • Flour
  • A picture of that person
  • A white candle
  • A male perfume

This spell is to bring the spirit back to Earth with more complex functions than a spirit. This one will have feelings and thoughts.

Casting Instructions for 'Sarchopagus Charm'

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Put 12 black candles in a circle around that place. Take the flour, and draw a pentagram, and in the middle of it put that picture. Upon it put the 13th black candle which means that you recognise that person is dead. After this take the salt and wah your hand and your face with it, for your personal protection, but do this outside the 12 candle circle.

Now light all the candles finishing with the one in the middle. Take the perfume and perfume the air in the circle so that you can feel the smell. Take the whit candle in your hand but do not light it yet. Go near the pentagram and chant: O spirit from another world, coma back to me, come back and feel my love. Fulfill your destiny with me and I will grant the life to thee, stay in this world forever more, be with us now forever more. Please do not live again, raise from your death and be a man/ woman.

Then light the white candle with the black one above rhe picture. Take the black one and put the white one in its place. Throw the black one out of the circle and scream Welcome spirit on this Earth. Welcome now or live it forever!! If the spirit wants to come, you will feel it in the air. Go and blow the fire from each candle and say You are free forever more, do your will , you are alone!

Take everything except from the flour pentagram and burry them. Leave the pentagram in that place and the spirit shall be returned. Wash your hand and face with salt again and it is over. If it doesnt work, that means that the spirit didnt want to come, but because you left the pentagram there, he/she will be able to return whenever she/he wants as long as the pentagram will stay there.


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