onion money spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 through 10 Valida onions
  • a newspaper with the current date
  • a lighter, matches, a blowtorch, or a pure bees wax candle
  • a cast-iron skillet
  • an oak tree
  • an unopened bottle of any Irish brewed alcohol (you'll need to carry it with you during the burning)

make money flow into your hands faster than it flows out of them

skill level, none

Casting Instructions for 'onion money spell'

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take the onions and peel off the skin.
(you can discard the onions after this step as you only need the skins)

look through the newspaper for some good news.
(not a sports page or horoscope)

wrap the onion skins up in the page of good news and then put it in the cast-iron skillet.

take the skillet outside under an oak tree and place it on the ground.

light the contents of the skillet on fire.

sit there in front of the fire until it dies. their should be a pile of ashes, sift through it after 10 min of it being out to check if it is completely burnt down to ash

if it dies before everything in the skillet is burnt, take the bottle of Irish brewed alcohol, and pour it on the remains and drop a lit match on the remains. stay there until all of the alcohol has burnt.

If you don't finish the ritual, you will die. If you did the ritual with a group of people, the ones that don't see it through to the end will die.

i have no clue if this will work for you, but wait 1 to 7 days for this to take effect


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