A Death Spell from Carmen211

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A wax ball
  • tooth picks
  • grey energy
  • fire

Just got another idea for a death spell... look if you wish.

Casting Instructions for 'A Death Spell from Carmen211'

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Go outside and start a campfire. You will need a large ball of wax and enough toothpicks to cover several angles of the ball of wax. Bend down to the fire and hold the ball of wax as close to it as you can, but do not throw it in yet. Once it has melted enough, cover several different angles of the ball with the toothpicks. Be sure they are half in and half out. Now visualize grey energy around but not in yourself. Now visualize this energy in and around your target and keep holding the ball of wax near the fire while holding this visualization and affirming "(name of person) is dying". Put as much anger and hate into this as you can. Obviously this spell is advanced because you have to triple task: doing it all at the same time. This is extremely powerful of a death spell.

WARNING: Because this is an extremely powerful death spell, it will certainly backfire on you terribly if it does. Always do a cleansing after any death spell to prevent backfiring.

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