Get the Power of JASHIN!

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A Gallon of Human Blood (or less, Depends on Shoe Size.
  • 3 Candles
  • 1 Body Offering
  • Daily Blood Offering (Stabbing Yourself)
  • 1 Jashin Necklace(Opt.)
  • Belief

An Ritual to Get the Help of Jashin, The God of Death. Jashinism Relates back to Ancient Japan where People would kill and store there blood, Offering it to Jashin, If he didn't like it. Some say THEY drink it. I will post more spells like this, But if you have enough HUMAN Blood to do this, You May as Well join the Religion!

Casting Instructions for 'Get the Power of JASHIN!'

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Doing said Ritual Grants you Immortality and Strength! Don't Mess with this Unless your willing to sell your soul to jashin!----
1.Go outside
2.Get the Gallon of Blood on your Palm of Foot.
While doing this, Say
"Jashin! Oh! Jashin I prepare this for You!"
3.Draw the Symbol of Jashin
While doing that Say
"Jashin Oh Jashin! Give me your Strength and Immortality!"
4. Put the offerings Set on the Trigram.
Doing this Say
"Jashin! Oh! Jashin!, With These Offerings! I Ask yet Again for my Immortality! I Will sell my Soul to You!"
5. Put Candles on each point of the Trigram.
6. Light the Candles
When this is done Say
"Jashin! I Give you my Soul! I Wish to be Immortal! I wish to Pray for you! Jashin oh Jashin. Tonight I Die, And
Tommorow I Am Reborn As An GOD!"
When this is Done, Set the Human Body on fire from the Candles. And ONLY the Candles as they were Touched by Jashin. And Bury the Blood. When you Awake you should Feel Special and Powerfull. Any Disease you may of had is gone. You have been.... PERFECTED!


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