1 held over occult practice - Outlook India

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Dec 02, 2020
What.Is.Wrong.With.People! Seriously, if you are like the so called ''exorcist'' in this news article, stop! There are better, more powerful, and humane ways of dealing with spirits. I see the logic here, the whipping and beating could scare the spirit away, or it could make it angrier. That'll just make it worse. Another thing is that people have been spending a whole millennia attempting to get rid of misconceptions abut the occult and this just makes it worse. If people continue doing things like this for their practice, occult practice could be illegal one day! We would have to practice in secret once more, forced to choose something that's not right for us! Is that what you want to see? No? Then stop doing this and actually start doing something worthwhile instead of beating people with shoes and whipping them