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This is a very simple spell to help you with your Weather Magick path.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Concentration
  • An open space, like a field(optional), but being outside is a requirement. If you can, make it a familiar place
  • Visualization
  • A clear, grounded mind

Casting Instructions for 'Simple Wind'

Okay, before we get started, read this please! I want to clarify what I intend this spell to do, and explain what I mean when we do get to the spell in itself.

This spell will not, under any circumstances, make you an Avatar, give you superpowered aerokinesis, or anything like that. It will, however, help you change the weather with your energies. A few examples would be: Making it windy but still sunny(or overcast) when you're on a golf tournament, to help guide your ball to the hole... Make it rain when it's the day of a long-dreaded drill in Phys Ed at school... The list goes on.

Okay, next, when I mean "pressures", I don't mean within your body. Air travels from areas of low pressure to high pressure, which creates wind. The red energies I'm discussing is the high pressure, which can help with what direction and what strength to make your wind. The blue energies are, you guessed it, the low pressure. The low pressure will show where you want to have the wind originate, and, depending on how far/close you place it, the strength and direction.

This spell was my first step to Weather Magick, and I hope it can help you as well.




Instructions for Simple Wind:


  1. Sit or lay down in your space, palms facing up. Make sure you're comfortable in your position.
    1. Imagine the core of the Earth below you, radiating the heat it gives us all. Imagine all your pent-up thoughts and mental distractions forming a thin, black tendril. Slowly move it from your head, all the way to your toes, absorbing that black energy from your entire body. Bring that energy into the Earth, see it turning white. Disperse it into the core, and feel new, pure energy surround you above ground in little orbs. Bring those orbs to you, and absorb them into your body. When you feel it's time to end this process, imagine the energies ceasing from moving into your body.(NOTE: This is optional. If you've already grounded your energies beforehand, skip this step.)
  2. Visualize the area around you, from every hill to every tree. Get a firm picture of it in your head.
  3. Now, imagine part of your image turning red. Not fully, just a portion(like a small strip of it). Imagine the red making the air in that area very excited.
  4. Do this again, but instead, make it blue. Put the strip on the opposite side, and imagine the blue area's air lazing around, letting itself be pulled towards the red.
  5. Imagine the blue air move towards the red. Make sure to concentrate on this, or this most likely won't work very well.
  6. Do this for as long as you need to.
  7. Feel your body raising up, up, up. Out of your own energies, confident that they're doing their work.

And, that's it! Hope this works for you! Mail me if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or anything about this spell.

Added to on May 31, 2022
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