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Air or sky dragons are often what cause huge gusts of winds if you find yourself caught in the wind storm this spell

Casting Instructions for 'Air Dragons roar (wind stopping spell)'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Belife in dragons
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Belife in dragons

Try and sound needy or pleading wind dragons are prideful sand never want to see seen as weaker then you

" I  pray to you oh mighty sky dragon; please ceace your endless roar so that I might have safe passage; I do not ask much but by this small act I will be greatful to you; so mote it be."

If you believe in dragons a great deal then you should feel the wind drop kind of fast if your not much of a believer the gist should drop to a breeze or so.


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it might grant you some favour with an air Dragon, but controlling the weather would involve a lot more than just asking nicely for the wind to die down a bit.

Unless you work with the air element or dragons, this will not work. As outlined, you only need ''belief'' which leads me to conclude this is fake. You did not put any Magik into it. You are simply saying works once and hoping for the best. If this works, it would be a placebo.

This I think might work because I did a spell the other day to cause a gust of wind and now almost any time I leave the house the wind picks up so this might work if you ad magik to it.

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