Ending a Weak Tornado

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This Spell works only on weak tornadoes with lots of concentration and depending on the level of power you have. If your feeling weak Spell will fail.

Casting Instructions for 'Ending a Weak Tornado'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A degree of Concentration and High Level of Strength during day.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A degree of Concentration and High Level of Strength during day.
First off If your feeling weak or light headed or little strength left from day. This Spell will fail. If you have alot of strength left from day. Spell may work if you have lots of concentration if not you was not concentrating hard enough. Second Warning This Will Make You Weak After Doing it if you are successful.

First start concentrating on the tornado and moving your hands from Sky High To Earth Below. Once you start feeling it's power cup your hands together and start pushing up against it very slowly and once at top separate hands If does not go up Recup hands and do it again. Keep Repeating till it goes up and wall cloud (cloud that formed the Tornado) stops spinning. Once Wall Cloud stops spinning you have successfully stopped a tornado.

From my own personal experience this spell has successfully stopped a F-3 from hitting a small town without a tornado siren.


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As helpful as this may be, you can't stop a force of nature like a tornado. You can protect against one, perhaps if a group get together they can change the weather pattern, but this could result in something far worse since you would be effecting global weather and not one small tornado that might just disappear as quickly as it appeared.

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