Control the fire element

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Learn to control fire with this spell
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Yourself

Casting Instructions for 'Control the fire element'

Get into a mediative state; clearing your mind

Now, imagine you are walking through a void, approaching a ball of fire. Put your hands in this fire

You'll need to repeat this exercise a few times after the first one, but eventually you will get control over the element. It's worth te wait.


Added to on Aug 20, 2018
Last edited on Jul 17, 2019
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works for me
Jan 28, 2019
How exactly does this work for you because humans cannot control/manipulate/create fire by willpower.
Feb 08, 2019
How seriously be fair to yourself and to others as well
Feb 09, 2019
Shalua I fail to grasp what you're trying to say exactly. Be fair to yourself and others? Magic is a force of nature that can aid you in life, but it does not go against natural order. No human can create nor control fire, anyone who claims otherwise is telling a falsehood because it is not possible. This is not my way of crushing ones hopes, I am trying to educate others so they do not spend days trying something that will never work, feel disappointed, and walk away from a path they barely began. As for Nekos response, she's pointing out that fallacy.
Jul 31, 2019
do not contact this person, they are a scam
Sep 12, 2019
Nekoshema for a Novice you act like you know everything about magic Unless you have proper Evidence of your Experience and Supposed laws of magic that varies depending on the user to be entirely honest the outcome of spells and the spells used varies from the one using them just as there are different people there are different types of magic and outcomes for the spell I won't lie I did just join the website officially with an account but I am sorry to say that these spells are for certain individuals and the result will always change if you know what to do, how to train, and where to go it is possible to essentially summon magical elements from the spiritual force and knowledge of the elements Effect, cause, and image. I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't know about this because you are constantly shutting down claims of success without actually trying to understand everything so you can try it yourself but remember it won't always be the same as anyone else because we have the advanced magic here but you are still needing the basics and to find the amount of spiritual force you have as well as your strengths in certain forms of magic without this information and training you Nekoshema have no right to prove others wrong when you yourself have false information and lack of belief in others power and strength and before you get a retarded response in mind I will tell you that I am living proof that the elements can be summoned and controlled my limit is my emotions and spiritual force both of which are the strongest in the Hidden Magus Academy And yeah I have shot a fire ball blasted someone with a bolt of electricity formed a wall of earth the size of a fortress wall whipped up a whirlwind to spread out a practice battalion froze a lake into solid ice and something I am currently learning is summoning light particles to use in battle and gathering shadows into blades I am also prepping to combine elements of 2 to 3 at a time I am certain you wouldn't believe any of this because the world I am from is a whole universe of difference and I am currently working to recruit promising Magus apprentices to invite to Hidden Magus Academy and you Nekoshema are unfortunately not included now go ahead and reply with your pathetic claims that it isn't possible because it is that thought that prevents you from joining me I won't be able to reply at all because of the restrictions on discussion of Magick with The Banished A.K.A Lesser Mortals no go back to your hole of doubt Nekoshema it is where you belong.
Sep 12, 2019
You have no clue how the ranking system works, do you? I have no say in the rank, only a handful of people on this site can rank users, I've been ranked novice for, like, 5 years [and for someone with no rank using the ranking system to judge knowledge, using your logic, we should listen to you why?] Since I am sick of repeating myself [seriously I have explained why magick has limitations and what is possible in the physical plan with magick many MANY times, just take a minute to do a little research] what exactly would you consider "proper evidence" CykoCross3, since providing examples and explainations doesn't count in your book. [and the absence of evidence isn't evidence, as you can't prove a double negative] magick is a natural force, it doesn't contradict nature, it doesn't make the impossible possible, it is an energy that effects energy to bring a desired change. We live on the physical plane, and those are the facts of magick on the physical plane. If you wish to argue on a different plane of existence you can control fire, fly, and/or shapeshift I don't care, you're path, your views. However, we live in the physical, and the reality of the physical plane is magick cannot contradict nature. I have studied for half of my life, I like helping people, so when someone has a question, or needs correcting, I will. I'm sorry if some people can't handle reality [despite what people think of me, I'm not a hateful person gleefully destroying dreams, I'm genuinely trying to teach other] if you have question you can always message me should you need clairification [since I don't like arguing and especially hate long reply comments on the spells]
Welp I don?t know about you humans. This this proved quite useful to me.
Feb 18, 2019
You are human.
Feb 20, 2019
I may be a human, but I plan to become a powerful Elementalist.
May 19, 2019
Rlly need to talk to you
May 19, 2019
@mrhellfirem. You are human, roleplayings against site rules. @Incremental you can become a powerful elementalist, but there are still natural limitations, if you expect to shoot fireballs from your hand it will never happen. At best you'll learn to make a candleflame grow/shrink. Elementalists work with the elements in their craft, they don't control them like The Avatar.
I did it but my entire body felt hot please explain
Jun 01, 2019
you charged a lot of energy into your body and did not release it.
Jul 13, 2019
You used a lot of your energy out. You cannot do this or you will burn yourself out. take a stone charge it up (idk exactly how but similar to harging up a wand) put it in your hand, do this spell but when you will feel getting hotter or weaker, imagine that you are taking energy out of the stone. It might help but you need a lot of will[pwer
im just starting and im going to test this i will let you guys know if it works
Jun 04, 2019
It doesn't work. People can't control fire.
I did this spell and my whole hand turned red. What does this mean, will i be ok?
Jun 11, 2019
It has nothing to do with the spell because people can't control fire. Sometimes stressors (such as attempting magick) can cause some odd circulatory behaviors, which might be what it is. If it doesn't clear up soon I'd go to the doctor, because if it's a circulatory disorder it could cause some problems.
When I tried it my hand got super cold and started shaking
Jun 23, 2019
you can't control any of the elements, but, the reason your hands went cold is probably because you were releasing energy and not charging it. look into making psi balls and charging/grounding energy to get use to the flow of energy.
Ok legit sparks started coming out of my hands i freaked out please tell me what to do :(
Jul 13, 2019
they did not. magick doesn't contradict nature, humans cannot create fire from nothing. please don't spread misinformation.
Jul 13, 2019
That's not possible. People cannot fully control fire. Even the best elementalists can only make a candle go a little bit brighter. And those people don't mind getting burned and they meditate for a long time everyday. I don't suppose you did any of that so there is no way sparks could have gone from your hands
Those who claim record it otherwise go see a doctor or least look for friends.
can we actually, like move the fire, like benjamin, from twilight?
Jul 31, 2019
no. you cannot control the elements, you can work with the elements, but you cannot control them like "benjamin from twilight"
Jul 31, 2019
I BELIEVE if you don't, then don't comment on my posts, unless you agree
Aug 01, 2019
you are aware surrounding yourself with only people who agree with you isn't a good thing. you create an echo chamber of "yes men" who just confirm your biases, never chalenging them, never showing you other viewpoint, or educating you when you're incorrect in you notions. you can believe in whatever you want, it doesn't make it healthy or correct however. people believe vaccines are bad, people believe the earth is flat, people believe global warming is a myth, all of these things are scientifically wrong, but people believe them and wall themselves off from the facts of reality to create a community of people who think the exact same as them. this fear of "being proven wrong" [or to put it another way "haters and trolls are mean"] is creating a divide and is causing a lot of problems in society. nobody likes being wrong, nobody feels good about it, but you should be willing to listen to others, put in the research, and actually contemplate what they have to say. [or in summation, open your mind to the possibility you might be wrong, and you can't stop me from commenting on things, just as i can't stop you from doing the same]
OK for u haters, u may not believe in magic, but it's real, and if people want to believe in it, then so be it, if u have nothing nice to say then don't say anything at all! MAGIC IS REAL
Sep 03, 2019
Correct, magick is real, but it does have limitations, we are not haters for trying to educate people on the realities of magick

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