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Create sensations on other people using this spell.

Casting Instructions for 'Warming/Cooling/Pressure'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • None

First,have their hand out so that their palm of their hand is facing upward. Second, draw a pentagram with your finger if you're doing the warming spell. Draw an upside down pentagram with your finger if you're trying to make them cold. The pressure spell can be at random! 

Third, put your hand over there hand so that your back hand is facing upward and little roof on their hand.Make sure there is a little opening which you can speak thru and some space in between the hands so the words will go inside.

If you're trying to warm them say this into the opening in between the hands
"Candle Light,
My Soul is Bright"

If you're trying to cool them down say this,
"Candle Blown,
My Soul is Cold"

This spell can depend on what type of magick you cast or use.It also depends on which effects it will have on the person you're casting it on, like if you deal with water or hydrokinesis you will probably make them cold when casting the warming part and if you deal with fire or pyrokinesis.


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will this actuly work

Apr 23, 2024
I don't think this would work, sorry for the bad news.

Can i try it on my own

I'm going to try this-

As outlined, I do not see this working. Pentacles, whether inverted or not, are signs of protection. Saying a few works will not do anything either. You could try energy work. Charging or draining another person of energy could make them feel warm or cold.

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