Tarot Spread to Get Your Shit Together

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Just a quick and easy tarot spread for when you need to get yourself together again.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • tarot or playing cards -- if using playing cards reference this link https://secret-garden-witch.tumblr.com/tagged/playing-cards for guidance.
  • a small book or app that gives you card meanings because tarot can be tricky and I even need help sometimes
  • a flat surface
  • a comfortable place to sit

Casting Instructions for 'Tarot Spread to Get Your Shit Together'

1. First thing's first, find yourself a comfy spot that has a flat surface where you can perform the spread. Make sure it's comfy enough for you and that the surface is flat enough that it won't make the cards slip around as you place them down.

2. Make sure you have the book or app open and ready

3. Take a few deep breaths to clear your mind, and then proceed to shuffle the cards. Focus on the general state of the situation you are in or are dealing with. When you shuffle, note that there is no right way other than that the faces of the cards should not be showing and that you'll know you're done when it feels right for you.

4. Once you have finished shuffling, cut the deck into three or four piles (they do not need to be equal in height or number of cards, just do what feels right to you).

5. When you have the piles separated, hover you hand over them and feel which pile draws your hand the most. The pile that draws you the most is the top of your deck, and from there repeat the process until you have a full deck again.

6. Once your deck has been reunited, now comes the drawing of the cards. This is a simple 5 card spread, with

  • the first card regarding your past or current self
  • second card regarding the outcome of the situation
  • card 3 regarding the roots of the issue
  • card 4 regarding how you are currently dealing with it or how it is currently affecting you
  • and card 5 being what you need to do in order to reach the outcome of card 2
  • ****The cards will form a cross shape with card one on the left, card two on the right, and cards 3 through 5 being placed in the center from the bottom up****

7. When selecting cards don't rush through it. Make sure you're concentrating on feeling with ones may feel different or call out to you. Those are the ones that you'll need to put down. Place them face down as you go so that you don't mess up the order and such.

8. When you've finished placing your cards, set the rest of the deck aside and flip them over so that the cards are facing up but you haven't accidentally created a reversal.

9. From there use your book or app to help you decipher the advice from the spread.


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