Herbal Prosperity Sachet

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An herbal sachet to attract prosperity, wealth, luck, and success.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • -small green, gold, or white bag and a ribbon of one of those 3 colors
  • -sewing supplies if you're intending on making the bag yourself
  • -green aventurine (optional)
  • -rosemary (optional)
  • -cinnamon sticks ( or powder
  • -basil
  • -1 bay leaf
  • -1 dandelion
  • -1 white clover
  • -parsley
  • -rice
  • -chamomile
  • -3 pine cone pieces
  • -a silver coin

Casting Instructions for 'Herbal Prosperity Sachet'

To be performed on a waxing moon.

You can find a small bag at your local dollar or crafts store in the baby shower/wedding section. I personally found a pack of palm-sized green bags for $1 at Dollar Tree that were perfect. However, you can also just buy a piece of cloth and some ribbon if you have/want to make your own.

I planned this around the new moon on July 23, as it was on a Sunday (the Sun's day), and the Sun and Moon are both in Leo (my star sign), and it's a day before my birthday. So I added some Rosemary to the sachet because of its Leo and Sun representation. I also added some green aventurine beads. These 2 additives are completely optional.

I then added the rest of the herbs and the coin and tied it in 3 knots. Say:

''By Sun in Leo, my prosperity shall increase.
By New Moon in Leo, success will my magick now release.''

Meditate with the sachet and infuse it with your personal power. Visualize happiness, success, and wealth coming to you, building positive thoughts and feelings to put the Law of Attraction in motion for you. When you feel the bag start to grow warm, say:

''I compel these magickal herbs of prosperity and power
To assist me me with my spellwork in this hour.
Pair your natural magick gently with mine,
So that wealth and success may come to me at all times.
By the enchantment of herbs, this spell has been spun.
This is my will, so mote it be, and harm none.''

Keep this sachet on you for a month, then return the herbs to nature and hand wash the bag and let it air dry.

This was inspired by an herbal sachet from the book Practical Prosperity Magick and I made it my own. It's a very wonderful, informative book :) Blessed be!

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