God Curse Warning

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A permanent curse to become a God

Casting Instructions for 'God Curse Warning'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Nothing
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Nothing

Say this 1 time:



"God and Goddesses, hear my plea, curse me to become a God, as soon as the sun rises, as soon as daytime is reborn, so will I be reborn, reborn and reawakened as one of the Gods, and there will be no going back, so mote it be."


Note: It has to be casted at night, you can never reverse it, and it will work 100%, Boys Only.


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Already said the chant, I will be waiting.

Sep 20, 2019
What happend?

godhood is a curse huh

Any side effects

You cannot become a God by chanting.

Magick does not go against the force of nature. You are a mortal and will continue to be mortal. You cannot turn into a god by a chant. THIS SPELL IS FAKE.

Oct 12, 2020
that is not what it said gods are beings with massive amouts of power gods are not imortal by the way in if you gain complete connection you could pull it off

Oct 12, 2020
AlexndriaDe is correct, you cannot become a God with this spell. Gods are divine beings on the celestial plane. We are humans on the physical plane. Magic on the physical is limited by nature. You can work with Gods, not become them through a spell.

this i'snt possiable you cant become a god

This is not real you as a human cannot turn into a god. This is physically impossible. Feel free to try if you thing differently.

i think this is working but here are the side effets i recorded for this spell - side effets 1) light or slight tingeling all over body 2) slight movement over body --------------------------------------------- i will come back in 1 hour to tell you guys and girls if this worked or not

Sep 23, 2021
it worked a bit but i am i can hurt of sting people by tuching them with my soul mine is complety useless

Sep 24, 2021
This didn't work. You can't become a God. Gods are immortal spiritual beings of phenomenal cosmic power. There are some mythological stories of mortals becoming Gods, but they didn't do a spell. They did incredible things that after death, people continues to call on them, and as a result, they became a God. What you're describing sounds like a placebo. You want something to be real, so your mind is tricking your body into making it real. [also, roleplaying is against site rules]

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