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Not working if you're not focus. There is maybe dangerous creatures out there. I'm teleported to the world and 3 minutes walking there, I'm teleport back! It's already 10 minutes here!

Casting Instructions for 'Go to another World'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 3 White Candles (faster teleport)
  • Focus
  • Voice
  • High Visualise View
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 3 White Candles (faster teleport)
  • Focus
  • Voice
  • High Visualise View

• Stand Up
• If you use candles, put the candles circling you
• If you use candles, light them up
• Visualise you're in another world (such as dragons, animes, etc)
Remember : Visualise as best as you can
• Say this while visualising :


"The world I want to be, make me stand up there! Time I command and Place I command! Change me there now! This is my will, so mote it be!"


Before teleporting, make sure no ones turn off your candles until it is stopped itself!
• If anyone turned off it, you will NEVER come back to your world if you succeed
• If you already there, just visualise and say,


"Back to me, back to me my world! World that I just left, I command you time and place. Get me back now! So mote it be!"


Have fun teleporting, no one will repay if its un working or you can't back!

*** FUN FACTS ***

Its safer if you don't use candles, you can get back 98% succeed. Because no candles are used!

You need to say the spell more than 3!

Try to make friend there!
Make sure you don't die there!

The time is moving differently! It maybe 6 minutes there but 3 hours in this world!


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In some practices we use what is called Astral Projection to slip into another state of mind to another world like our own and sometimes beyond and in that one. Casters use Astral Projection to travel with their metaphysical abilities they developed with practice and time. This spell is not reliable and does not work, research Astral Projections, Human Aura ect

Has anyone tried this and has it worked for you please mail me your experiences and results

You cannot physically teleport.

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