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Casting Instructions for 'Get to the Underworld'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Ability to astral project
  • Preferably a girl
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Ability to astral project
  • Preferably a girl

If you're trying to be neutral, getting a truce from the light side's easy. It's the dark side that's hard, cause you can't get to the underworld very easily...

Lay down on your bed. A live person will most likely find it hard to get both their body and soul to the underworld, so you just take your soul. Astral project, then in that form, chant 3 times:



"We call on the dreams of creatures and mortals, To heal the wound that worlds divide, From now on we each can create a portal, and each of us our own path decide."



While chanting, imagine the gates of the underworld coming up to greet you. The guards are more likely to let you through if you're a girl, because you're "less likely to be able to hurt the king," but they do let men through if they are scrawney and weak-looking...


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Girls have a better chance getting into the underworld because they're too weak to beat the ruler? Cis females only or are we including trans, non binary and gender fluid too? Seriously, while you could astral project and visit other planes of existence, or contact spirits to talk to, you can't enter the underworld. [and if such a place exists you won't be sent away because you're the wrong gender]

Repeat spell, does not work.

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