Teleportation spell :)

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With this spell, you can teleport to any place that you want. But try teleporting to close places, like inside your house, or the building you're in while performing this spell. You also need a lot of energy so I recommend
starting with energy gathering techniques.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Imagination
  • Energy
  • Patience
  • Belief
  • Focus

Casting Instructions for 'Teleportation spell :)'

Imagine you teleporting to places you want to go with
Then say 5x

''There are places I want to go
I wish for teleport there as I wish so
With my energy
With my mind
I shall go anywhere
I shall go anytime
Let me stand
To my desired place
By (how you want to teleport)
Grant me this in 5 days
So mote it be''

Added to on May 02, 2017
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I just joined and i want to give into the life of magic but not bad evil magic and i would like to teleport my self and i would need help it has been my dream to have powers like this since i was 3 and i would love contact me if you are willing to help
May 31, 2019
well, first off welcome, i hope you find your way to your path. i should make 2 points, one, magick isn't "good" or "evil" "white" or "black" it is intention. how you perceive a spell, or how you feel in the moment effects the energy used in spell casting. a love spell could be seen as "good" until you consider the other persons feelings, a curse could be considered "evil" until you realize the person casting is doing so over a murderer [again, you might see it different, they're just examples] my other point is what will upset you. magick is a natural energy that works with nature to bring natural change. magick can't contradict nature however, and spells work by changing the natural energy around us to attract/repel a desired outcome. humans can't teleport by nature, since this contradicts natural law, no spell will give you the ability to teleport. a spell might inspire you to build a machine to let you teleport, but you'll never be able to say a chant and teleport. you might wish to look into astral projection.

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