winguardium leviosa

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This spell is uesd to levitate objects.

Casting Instructions for 'winguardium leviosa'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A wand
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A wand

Do a swish and flick motion with our wand and say winguardium Leviosa.


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Harry Potter is not reality. Real Magik is nothing like Harry Potter. Harry Potter is a work of fiction, not a documentary.

May 04, 2023
Tadashi isn't ''picking on'' anyone. No matter how much someone may believe, spells like this one simply don't work. Real magic works with nature and doesn't violate the laws of physics. Therefore, levitation spells such as this don't work on the physical plane. Harry Potter is full of magic that doesn't work in reality, and no amount of belief is going to change that.

May 05, 2023
''How would you like it if people picked on you for your beliefs'' is hilarious. I was raised Pagan in a Christian society. Pagans are persecuted for their faith daily. People mock our beliefs with stuff like ''reality check, Harry Potter isn't real'' and ''you actually believe crystals and mystical powers?!'' all the time. Growing up, I ignored these comments. Yes, my parents had to step in a number of times because my siblings and I were the target of bullying, but I ignored them. I was not picking on your, Harry Potter, or people who believe in fake spells. I simply stated facts. The fact is, this is complete hogwash and will never work. No matter how much you believe. No matter how many times you try it. This. Will. NOT. Work. However, should you choose to try this spell despite me stating it will not work, nobody is going to stop you. I am not going to track you down, slap the wand from your hand and say ''no, bad, go stand in the corner.'' Literally nothing will happen. Nobody will scold you. Nobody will punish you. And nothing Magikally will happen. At best you will charge a bunch of Magikal energy which will not go anywhere and you'll feel hyper, and unwell in some way. You can like Harry Potter. You could dress like you go to Hogwarts before working any Magik. That is your path. That is something that works for you. Nobody will stop you. All I and everyone else were saying was ''Magik does not work like this'' and that is it. Nobody attacked you. Nobody attacked Harry Potter. Furthermore, this is a forum site where you can discuss Real Magik with other Real Witches. Provided you do not break the rules, anyone can post on anything. Just as I can choose what to comment on, you can choose to ignore the comment.

Sorry, you put a huge spell page with just one sentence, and also it is fiction and not real.

ha ha whats next sectra sempra and yea this isn't real sorry

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