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This spell will levitate a person with just 8 fingers!

Casting Instructions for 'Light As a Feather- Stiff As a Board'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • nothing but 5 people
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • nothing but 5 people
One person will lie down, eyes closed, and arms at sides. 2 people will place 2 fingers under the left and right of the head. The 2 others will place two of their fingers under the person's feet. Now, chant over and over, ''Light as a feather, stiff as a board.'' Repeat until the body can be picked up. Each time after chanting, try picking them up:


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This is literally a game people play at sleepovers!

Oct 22, 2020
Yep. I'm not even sure magic has anything to do with it or not. I think it's physics based.

Classic slumber party fair, and a great scene in The Craft, but it is not real.

Sep 11, 2023
Though it does speak volumes towards the effect of psychology, will, and adrenaline. You can think of the chant as a hype-up no different than a football team yelling and slapping backs before a game. Or lines of warriors yelling and banging their shields.

The process is an affirmation of strength and an expectation of success. In conscious preparation the body responds by subconsciously processing the task. Heart rate goes up, metabolism increases, oxygen builds up in your system, and muscles build up additional energy in expectation of the effort. Such that when that effort is released it has much more of an abundant result, making a task suddenly feel much easier because you are unknowingly applying more force with less conscious effort.

I remember quite fondly being part of a similar game when I was around 8. Bit it involved four kids and a much larger teacher sitting in a chair. We started by each grabbing a leg and lifting. We moved slow, and were uncoordinated. It took some effort as much of it went towards trying to just keep it balanced. ...Then we did it again but first hovered our hands over the teacher chanting 'light as a feather' until a signal was given and the four of us bent down, each grabbed one leg of the chair with one hand, and we lifted. The poor teacher was thrown up off the seat we were so enthusiastic! Did we magically make ourselves stronger? ... No. But we did go directly towards using all of our strength from the start instead of grabbing then lifting until he moved. We also acted quickly, decisively, with confidence, and coordinated.

Does this mean it wasn't supernatural? Yes. Does it mean it wasn't magical? I would argue no. As it follows the hallmarks of what magic is and does. Use of focus and intent to apply your best effort towards a goal. While not a spell of its own per-se, it is still a fine magical lesson. If nothing else.

Sep 11, 2023
Crud, sorry about the sudden invasion of bold. That is what I get for forgetting to close an html tag. -_-;

Sep 11, 2023
Which, new discovery, carries forward to following statements! This is not intended to be spam, I have used this reply to add the html tag to hopefully close the bolding and fix the error.

Sep 11, 2023
I do agree with your point, Spirit76. This does speak to raising energy as a group. As with your example, you were all psyching yourselves up, but also raising Magikal energy. Did you make the teacher levitate? No. But did you lift them and send them flying through the air? Yes. And that is something I wish people would understand. A spell might not work as outlined, but with a shift in perspective, a little tweak in the method, and it could work in a similar sense.

Sep 12, 2023
Indeed! For the true path to discovery lies not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

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