Glass Eye

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A spell to help widen your third eye.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Voice
  • Black calligraphic pen
  • Rose paper
  • Rose water
  • Glass stone or sea glass

Casting Instructions for 'Glass Eye'

First of all you need to have rose paper. But to have rose paper, you must have rose water- composed of rose and fresh water.First get a jar and fill it to the brim with the water. Then add a freshly cut rose. Any color. Seal jar and let sit in cool place for at least 3 months. And there you go!

Dip paper in rose water jar. Let dry, then with pen draw an eye. Small enough so that the glass can cover it completely. Let the ink dry. Place glass stone over drawn eye. Put both of your pointer fingers and thumbs on either side of the stone. Like you’re holding it in place.

Close eyes and Chant these words, as many times as it takes: "Now open my unseen eye so I may see what is to be seen through thee".  When your head starts to ache, you know its working. You can stop anytime, but don’t strain yourself. If you do, you could hurt yourself. 

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