No Mind Technique

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Technique used to achieve no-mind requisite for the exercise of certain abilities.

Casting Instructions for 'No Mind Technique'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Nothing
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Nothing

Lying down assume a comfortable position where you won't have to think about the body much. Close your eyes and endeavor to become dumber and dumber, with each thought let it's comprehension slip as if it is unintelligible.

Let each thought that is ignored make you know less and less until you're empty of understanding, even forgetting where you are. This may take several hours.

From this point you can tell yourself you are anything, from a lotus to a dog. Once this point is reached you should be 'convinced' of a being you choose.


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This is also known as mushin in martial arts

Oct 27, 2023
I have heard of it also as 'satori' ... Though that comes from intense focus rather than dissolved focus. Satori is those 'do or die' moments that come about in moments of high pressure/great risk where the conscious brain effectively turns off and your reactions become instinct and muscle-memory. For example when a driver hits a patch of black-ice and the vehicle starts to slide. For a few seconds you aren't thinking about what you are doing; you are just doing. Or an athlete doing a complex tumbling routine; thoughts bound entirely to the next move, the feel of their balance, the sound of feet and hands hitting the mats-everything else ceasing to exist.

It is interesting to me how similar goals can be reached from so-different of approaches.

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