Harm Blockade

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If someone wishes to bring you harm, they will not be able to pass through your door way.

Casting Instructions for 'Harm Blockade'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Redding
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Redding
Take your Redding and go to all the doors in your house that would let people in. Front door, basement door, side porch door, etc...

Spread the Redding on the ground from once side of the door way to the other over and over until there are no gaps.
Speak as you do so “I lay you down to protect this house. All who wish to harm will be gone.''

If you do this to a certain room the those who wish to harm you wont be able to pass through the door way.

If you do not believe fully, or there are gaps in the line of dust, then it will not work. And those who wish to harm you will come in uninvited.


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Redding as in dirt? Technically, yes, but I do not feel this would work well. I would design a protection sand made with a variety of protection herbs to sprinkle along your entrance ways to keep negative energy out. Dirt alone would not do much and it would rely greatly on your own energy and ability to keep the wards charged. Using herbs, crystals or protective objects would combine your energy with the items natural abilities and work more like a battery you occasion need to recharge.

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