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Gives you access to all the spells in witchcraft store, like you order it like, ''300 peace candles please, and 300 love candles of female shaped candles,'' what not.

Casting Instructions for 'WITCH STORE ITEMS GENERATION'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • nothing
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • nothing

Say: "[Name of article you want, like 500 TALL GLASS RUE CANDLES 4" DIAMETER ONES]," then say, "activate."


From there you will feel a peaceful feeling if it ordered it for you correctly and in your head it will tell you it gave the candles to you, you can spell write with this, like make a talisman out of a coin, just say after, "please this coin, make it the spell of talisman thingy for peace or love or my choosing." Then you can like put a 5 point pentagram drawing on it with a marker or to your liking stuff like that. 


Please Note: If you put like love spells on someone and they don't like you it turns you gay. Each candle comes with stuff like that, backfiring, like if you aren't certified it backfires, so i cant be responsible for you. No white people can use because it is African. 


Added to on Aug 05, 2023
Part of the Spell Casters Library.


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Okay, no. No to all of this. Just, no.

A spell will not turn you gay. If you cast a love spell on someone who does not like you, the energy will fizzle out. It will not make someone who has never liked men suddenly turn into a walking stereotype. And after reading every spell you have written, you need to address your homophobia. You seem to be terrified of a man being attracted to you. Are you afraid he would treat you the way you treat women? Whatever your reason, you need to address this and heal from it because it is unfounded.

And regarding the ''Not for white people'' thing at the end. That is not how spells work either. Unless you are calling on spirits from a closed practice, or using traditional Magik from a closed practice, your race does not matter. When you use Magik from a closed practice, you are calling on spirits that choose who they work with and how the Magik works. If you disrespect those spirits, they will teach you a lesson. But this? This is a fake spell trying to sound important.

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