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This spell uses the Element of Fire to protect you and create a visual image which you carry with you throughout your daily life. It requires a clear space outside of about twenty feet in diameter initially and you must be careful not to set any vegetation alight through the heat of your fires. You can also perform this spell on a beach.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Enough fallen wood to feed four fires
  • Dry brushwood or paper to start the fires
  • Matches
  • Water to douse the fire

Casting Instructions for 'Fire Protection-Spell'

  • You should make sure that you only gather fallen wood or driftwood.
  • Make sure you have enough to keep each of the fires burning for about half an hour.
  • Taking up one of the sticks of wood, draw a rough circle about eleven feet in diameter.
  • Determine the four directions North, East, South, and West (use a compass, the sun, moon, or stars).
  • Lay a small pile at each point just inside the circle but do not light them.
  • Reserve any spare wood safely beside each pile to keep the fires burning for at least half an hour.
  • Walking to the South first, light the fire proclaiming as you do: Nothing from the South can harm me Welcome Spirits of the South.
  • Wait until one of the pieces of wood is burning, pick it up and move to the West. Light the fire and say: Nothing from the West can harm me Welcome Spirits of the West.
  • Again take up a burning branch and move to the North.
  • Light the fire while saying: Nothing from the North can harm me Welcome spirits of the North.
  • Again take up a burning piece of wood and take it to the East.
  • Light that fire and say: Nothing from the East can harm me Welcome spirits from the East.
  • Take up a burning branch and carry it to the South.
  • Thrust it into the southern fire and choose a new branch.
  • Trace an arc with it above your head from South to North, saying: Nothing from above can harm me Welcome spirits from above.
  • Finally, throw the wood down in the centre of the circle and say: Nothing from below can harm me Let spirits come who wish me well.
  • This last stick represents Aether or spirit and this technique has created a sphere of energy which you can call on whenever you need it.
  • You can replace that piece of wood into the southern fire if you wish, or contemplate it as it burns out.
  • Replenish the fires from the reserved wood pile as necessary.
  • Sit in the centre of the circle and recognize that the fires are purifying and cleansing your personal environment on every level of existence.
  • Watch each fire carefully to see if you can perceive the spirits of the Elements: Salamanders for Fire Gnomes, Dryads or Brownies for Earth Sylphs for Air Undines for Water
  • Revel in the warmth of the fires, appreciate their light and sense their protection.
  • Remember these feelings for they are what protects you as you leave this space.
  • When the fires begin to die down, douse them with the water and bury the embers to prevent them flaring again.
  • Erase the markings of the circle and leave the space.
  • This spell or ritual (depending how ornate you wish to make it) as it is done in the open air creates a barrier of protection for you, but may also make you more conscious of how fire works. In this case it consumes that which is dead and finished with, leaving only its power in its wake.

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Lovey article.

This is more of a circle casting than a protection, but it does work. I would caution against calling on The Fae if you do not work with them. I also wonder why you would call on a Brownie when they prefer to be unseen by humans. They can live in our homes and keep them clean, but if they know you are aware of them, they leave. This can also be done with candles if you do not have a large space. You can also visualize a circle of fire to protect you and that would be better classified as a protection. Circle casting is important to know, it creates sacred ground and cast an energetic barrier to keep unwanted spirits out. There are many methods to cast a circle, and not all Witches cast circle. However, if you are planning to do a ritual, especially if you are calling on divine beings, you should know how to cast a circle.

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