Elemental Protection (Works)

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*Created all by self, without any help*

Uses the elements to protect you for a whole day. And anything bad that was going to happen or has happened to you, will reverse (not like massive things like death,or health, just current bad life events)

Personal Experiance: I had done something major bad, and i was going to be put in care home for it, and have all my technology taken away. Then i did it, i did not get put in care home, but i got my laptop taken away, 2 hours later, I got it all back and everyone was in a good mood, when i had my stuff taken away, my grandad, was in a better mood as the minutes past away. And he said i could have everything back about 2-2 1/2 hours. So yeah it does work
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Glass of tap water (concecreated/holy/magickally blessed is best but that take too long)
  • Lit WHITE Candle (or you can use the sun, both are just as good) (i used a white/cream candle, which is probably best, because it represents spirit, and fire)
  • Window open (or go outside, i opened window but outside best)
  • Grass from outside(in a container)
  • Container
  • Paper with spell on the front, and a point up pentacle (cirlce one) on back with: From: (cirled) (your full name including any middle all of it) (Astrological Sign), (year of birth)

Casting Instructions for 'Elemental Protection (Works)'

Get a WHITE peeice of paper, and wirte on the front,
''Hear me now this (warlocks/witches) Word, All elements now accord, Fire (if you used sun write: Fire,fire,from the sun), burn out my enemies and give my life longevity, Water, Wash away all neggativity, Eath, bury my anxiety deep in the ground, make my enemies, have no sound.Air, fill me with protective light, to keep me protected through day and night, Make me protected as can be, Do this immediately. SO MOTE IT BE''

Get some grass from outside put it inside a plate, bowl, any container
Get some water in a normal or glass cup/chalice (glass is best, all works though) Open window (or outside, outide best), Get WHITE (or creamish, but close to white, white represents spirit/akasha part of the elements) candle and light it (if you chose sun go outside, both work i used candle though)

Meditate for 10 minutes (i only did 30 seconds but its better to do 10 minutes) visualises energy , entering you, and also creating a force field arround you the SUN is amazingly powerful when doing this, if using sun imagine it is shining even brighter and brighter on you, then imagine it sending beams. balls of energy in to yourself, then imagine shining, then it covering you completly, then A big force field arround you

Then rub hands together fast feel the warmth, move them away from each other, imagine a ball of energy in you hands, move the hands like creating a ball for a few seconds
Then push it into your body

Do this 3X (if get it wrong start all over again from number 1 till you get it right 3x)

''Hear me now this (warlocks/witches) Word (war-de NOT Wer-de), All elements now accord, Fire (touch candle) (if you used sun Say, with hands in air towards sun: ''Fire,fire,from the sun''), burn out my enemies and give my life longevity, Water (dip fingers in the water, and splash some on your face), Wash away all neggativity,(hold grass) Eath, bury my anxiety deep in the ground, make my enemies, have no sound (put grass back in container)(Take Massive Breath in and out) .Air, fill me with protective light, to keep me protected through day and night, Make me protected as can be, Do this immediately. SO MOTE IT BE''
(i didn't do this but you might want to should work without though but its better to do this)
Burn paper with the writing on in the candle doesen't have to be all of it, put it in the water, till finishes with fire, leave the ashes in, take the paper out, put it outside NOT bin (after the day you can get rid of the paper put it in bin) Then put the grass in, then say ''after i drink this potion my spell is complete and a part of me, I can cast it any time) Drink the water (doesen't have to be all,, but make sure you drink some, but not just a sip)

Shout 3X




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Cool. Nice spell

Some sort of protective spell. Quite unorganized but good.

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