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This spell is one that I made up myself in a time of desperation. I had to get the demon out of my house but didn't know how so I attempted to make up a spell. ( The more people the more effective the spell is)

Casting Instructions for 'get rid of unwanted entity'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • nothing is needed for this spell
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • nothing is needed for this spell
If you are with others hold hands but if you are alone just let your hands hang at your sides. Grasp each others hands and hole them up over all your heads and recite the following ''in the name of jesus christ and my higher power i command you to leave this place you are no longer welcome here i command you to leave do not come on to me or anyone else in this room'' repeat this spell until you feel as though t is gone.


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This requires an edit. If you do not believe in Jesus, it is pointless to call on him. You can call on any deity you work with to aid you in a banishing or protection. If you focus enough energy and chant while calling on a deity, you can remove unwanted beings from your home, but its potency depends on how much energy you can conjure. If you need to banish something, it is best to get a coven to help, and use cleansing tools in the banishing so you do not drain yourself too much.

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