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This article will help you manipulate ice.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Concentration

Casting Instructions for 'Cryokinesis'

Cultivating Water Energy: This technique you will need throughout most of cryokinesis, since you will be taking the water elemental energy and forming it to ice. To start, stand in a position you would for ki breathing or grounding. Close your eyes, and picture yourself standing in a peaceful place, surrounded by water, or waterfalls, whatever you want. Now, picture energy flowing from the water, into your body, mixing with your ki in your Dan Tien, and flowing throughout your body. I picture this as a blue form of mana. Keep doing this until you feel that the technique has been completed, and that you have cultivated water energy.

Cultivating Water Energy 2: This is another way of cultivating water energy, sent to me by my friend Richard. This is an easier way to cultivate water energy. While taking a shower close your eyes and let the water hit your front side of your body. Visualize the water energy coming from it into your Dan Tien or even just your body like it is absorbing it. After a minute or two you will have enough. Changing Temperature: This technique is one of the more common you can find on Cryokinesis all over the web. It is using Cryokinesis to change the temperature of a specific area a bit, to make it colder. To start out, you may want to meditate a bit and clear your mind. Now, find the room, or whatever area you wish to change the temperature of, and you may want to check the thermostat first, and see what the temperature is. Now, stand there comfortably, with your eyes closed. Invision that you are standing in the middle of a blizzard, with snow blowing past you with gusts of frigid wind, ice forming on the ground. You must really get into this. Actually try to feel your body becoming colder. Picture the thermostat that you looked at in the beginning, and picture the temperature on it dropping. You could also picture ice forming around the room, all over everywhere, causing the temperature to drop. Now don't get discouraged, this takes practice. With enough work, you should be able to make the temperature a little colder.

Ice Ball:Create a psi/mana or chi ball and now visualize it turning white blue and really try to feel the cold breeze between you hands,after you can feel it visualize it turning in to a ice ball

Ice Blast: This tech can be done a couple of ways, and here I will describe both that I know of. One way, is to just make a normal ice ball, and then push your hands forward like a normal ki blast, and picture the ice ball flying through the air, being absorbed into your target, and turning the entire thing to ice. Now, this will not actually turn the object into ice. But if done on a person, they may get a shiver, or feel cold. Now, the second way to do this, is a bit different. This way I have thought up myself. Instead of making an ice ball, fill up your fore-arms with the water energy. Now, picture it freezing just like the ice ball technique, and then shoot your hands forward, picturing a large icicle being launched out of your hands at your foe.

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