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This is a meditation/visualisation technique to create a shield using your energy and merging it with energy from the elements.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Gather something that resembles the 4 elements (optional)
  • Get a metal bowl or any container that can withstand some heat
  • 4 candles of any choice to resemble the elements

Casting Instructions for 'Elemental Shield'


On a late night during a moon phase that matches your intention. Its better to do this outdoors. Meditate as you usually would, concentrate and cleanse your energy as you would. And ask your chosen God/Goddess of protection for blessings and guidance, and the Gods/Goddesses of the elements for protection.

First similarly to the first shield, visualise yourself embodied in your energy. Visualise your energy beginning to become very fluid like and runny, visualise it lapping around you like the rushing of water passing a bend or curve in a river. Visualise the water flowing faster around you and becoming more dense and less penetrable. And then now concentrate and try to merge your energy with the water. This part is all about rhythm (if that makes sense) Because you've meditated and should be so relaxed you can hear your own heart beat and the blood rushing in your ear, this is your rhythm so when you merge the water and your energy, try and make the water flow with your rhythm. I can't really tell you when its done but it should just feel as though the energy of the water is the same/similar to your energy so as if it were just an extension.

Next is Air: light the white candle, put the instrument in the bowl of water, or concentrate on the air surrounding you. Feel the wind or breeze gently picking up the hair on your arms and then lightly letting it down. Feel the air that flows in and out of you. Breathe in deeply and feel the breeze/wind around you pick up and envelope your energy, every time you breathe in feel and visualise the air around spin around your energy faster and faster until it too becomes very dense and impenetrable and similarly to water, merge the energy of the air with your energy.

Next is fire: light the red candle, or light any candles and let some of the wax drip into the bowl. This time the energy is a little more aggressive and you might need more time ''taming'' this one. Try to feel heat on your skin, try and make yourself feel or remember what the warmth feels like on your skin, and then every breathe you take in feel the warmth getting a little bit warmer, do this a few time until it feels like you've build up enough potential energy and the next deep breathe you take in, visualise the fire from the candle or from your hair, whip to life and dancing around you. Try and visualise the fire wrap around your sphere of energy and the rest is similar to before.

Finally: Earth, the strongest and sturdiest of them all. Earth will wrap and contain the shield you have made. Earth will strengthen it and give it durability. Light the brown candle or sprinkle dirt into your bowl. Also feel free to take your time on this one. Feel the ground, try and feel the ground through your butt like where you're sitting. Try and feel the rhythm of the ground and every time you breathe in, try and almost pull the energy from the Earth and wrap your self in it, its hard to summon large amounts of energy from the earth all at once, so slowly build up from the bottom of your energy sphere until its energy completely covers the energy you've collected and merged so far and then do the same as before.
Lastly don't forget to thank your Gods and Goddesses

In the end you should have a large mass of energy surrounding and flowing around you as a shield, this shield usually will withstand a lot but if its starting to tear and become thin, you can easily patch it up with some more energy, I think Earth's energy is good for quick fixes.

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