Ki Ball

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Creates a Ki ball
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Casting Instructions for 'Ki Ball'

Making a ki ball: Alright, before you start to make a ki ball, you should be comfortable with your visualization and be able to control movement of your ki well.

Now, to start out, ground yourself, (or do ki breathing) like you should before every time you train your ki, then get into any stance. It can be a riding horse stance, a fighting stance, sitting, whatever suits you best. Now, your first few times making a ki ball you will want to do a ki flame first, until you get the hang of it - the ki flame will make your energy flow more easily to form the ball. Next, place your hands about 3 inches apart, in a position as if you were holding on to a softball. Your fingers on each hand can be spread apart or they can be right next to each other, whichever way is more comfortable for you.

Now, visualize you ki flowing through your body (and from your Dan Tien), up through your chest, down your arms, and into your hands; or, if it is easier, flowing from your dan tien, out of your stomach, through the air, and into your hands; when it reaches your hands, visualize it flowing out of your palms in kind of a stream, and when it meets in between your hands, compiling and forming into a ball. Or, if that doesn't work, you can just picture your hands starting to glow and a ki ball fading into view between your hands, or picture ki swirling in between your hand and forming a ball, or even make up your own way to do it. If your palms start getting warm/tingly/electric/magnetic, you are making a ki ball. Remember, some feel tingling, some feel heat, some both, so if you don't feel one or the other, don't worry. NOTE: Do not worry if you cannot see your ki ball the first times making it. There are a couple ways to see your ki, which are discussed on the Seeing Your Ki page.

After you can see the ball in your mind and feel it between your hands, concentrate on keeping it in the shape of a ball. If you don't focus on that, the ball might just dissipate into the air. Now if you want, you can add more energy to it by simply moving more ki into your hands and flowing into the ball. Do this as many times a day as you like, but if you feel any discomfort or uneasyness stop immediately.

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