Magical Ring

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This spell is used to make a ring a magical charm and could be used as a magic wand. The ring also provides protection and wish granting.

Casting Instructions for 'Magical Ring'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Ring
  • Voice
  • Waxing/Full Moon (optional)
  • Concentration
  • Paper and pen
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Ring
  • Voice
  • Waxing/Full Moon (optional)
  • Concentration
  • Paper and pen

1. Write what you want the ring to do on the paper

2. Fold the paper towards you until it is small

3. Hold the ring and paper together in your dominant hand and say,

In my hand I hold this ring

It has the power to do anything

It protects me from bad and grants my wishes

So mote it be

So now it has power! Have fun, enjoy!


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do you have to do it at night?

Aug 19, 2022
U can do it at any time I think

i did it. i hope it works

Jul 09, 2019
has it worked?

Sep 16, 2019
Did it work?

Does it work?

Mar 09, 2021
Yes it does. For me i put luck on the ring, and the spell seemed to fade away.

add will this work

Feb 24, 2020
Try it and see for yourself. Reading over it, it sounds like it works. Be sure to charge your energy, and make realistic wishes [you can wish to win the lottery, but it will take longer to manifest than wishing for a raise at work. Also, if you wish for something like a living dinosaur, it won't happen unless Jurrasic Park becomes a thing, which it shouldn't]

It work for me but did it at night with a full moon and blood

Jul 05, 2020
did you put blood directly on the ring?

Will it works in the morning

Can someone please help with this . Please

What do I do with the paper after??

Dec 16, 2023
Same question

can you wish for love?

How long do we have to wait

Sep 22, 2020
Someone please reply

Sep 22, 2020
For all of eternity. This is not going to work

Does tis work? I said for it to give good luck, but i dont know if i did the spell right

Aug 19, 2022
Where do I put the paper do I put it in the trash?

I'd say try to meditate and focus ur energy into so it could work or enhance the effects

Would it work if you wish for you to be able to see things in the astral realm (without astral projection)

Jul 13, 2022
Most likely it would have little direct effect. Being able to intuit, sense, or see/hear into the astral is dependant on how in tune you are with such energies. Along with an influence from what kinds of predisposition you have. For example, even after years of practice and learning I have not once seen an entity, ghostly astral or otherwise, with my eyes. However when I center myself and start paying attention I can have a sudden knowledge or intuition of a presence, itsintents, and what it is doing. I don't see what is going on, I just... feel it.

Perhaps consider blessing/enchanting a ring to be a reminder rather than a giver of skill. For example declare the ring as an item to inspire focus, awareness, and intuition so that whenever you put it on, it is a signal to become focused on bringing your attention to the energies and impressions of your surroundings.

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