Buddhist Protection Ritual

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This is a very powerful ritual with mudras that will banish demons. It will protect you and anyone can do it.
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Casting Instructions for 'Buddhist Protection Ritual'

First, clasp both palms and two middle finger tips touching each other. Both of the middle fingers should be slightly bent. Both of the thumbs erected and they are placed above the heart. Then chant for 7 times with that hand position or mudra:

Namo ratna trayaya. Namah arya-valokite svaraya. Bodhisattva ya. Maha Sattva ya. Maha Karunikaya. Tadyata Om chakra-varti cintamani maha padme ruru. Krishna jvala akarsaya. Hum phat svaha.

This makes demons no longer be able to enter your body. Then, with the hand position, say:

Om padma Cintamani Jvala Hum. Om Varada Padme Hum.

Next, place your right hand on top of your left hand with your palm facing upwards. Then use the right hands pinkie to hook the left hand thumb while the right hands thumb hooks the left hand pinkie. Chant for 3 times:

Om. Arya-avalokite svaraya Bodhisattva ya. Maha Sattvaya. Maha Karunikaya. Tadyatha. Om cinkali cinkali maha cinkali cinkalitali cin kalitara svaha.

Place the hand position or mudra you just made on your head. You can then release your hands.


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