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Need a magical staff? If done correctly, this enchantment is fail proof.

Casting Instructions for 'Fail Proof Staff-Enchantment'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Un-Enchanted Staff
  • Source of water
  • Belief in Magick
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Un-Enchanted Staff
  • Source of water
  • Belief in Magick

Hold your staff above the source of water and do the following steps:

Close your eyes and imagine the staff doing amazing things. In your head, say these words:



 "Oh mighty angels of sky, bless this staff for me. This is my will, so mote it be."



Now lower the staff into the water and say: 'Siunata Tavaraa'


Work well with your new staff!


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Who was the staff be able to do

So, in other words ''if you do it right, it works'' eh? This spell is obviously fake, but it does have the basic outline to bless a staff.

May 08, 2024
Hey tadashi can runes affect the physical world like making something stronger or making someone faster?

May 08, 2024
Also do u know how to communicate or contact certain gods or have any suggestions on how to do so

May 09, 2024

In future, just mail me your questions. I might ignore them or say no if the question is something very easy to find, but the majority of mail I receive I will reply to.

Runes do not grant power-ups like super strength or speed. They are symbols you can use in spells to enhance them. Most people refer to the futhark runes, and they have spirits attached to them. A common ritual when working with them is blooding the runes as payment for the spirits. Research the specific type of runes you wish to work with to understand them better. You can draw a rune of protection on a door to cast a spiritual protection. It would not create a shield that repels unwanted guests. A rune used to gain speed could work by making training easier for you and you reach the goal sooner. But you would not draw a rune on your shoes and suddenly are the faster person on the planet despite never taking track.

Again, research the deity in question. There are general tips and tricks, but knowing the deity in question you wish to work with can help you. Think of it like trying to call your friend, but you do not know their number. You could ask someone for it, or you could type in 111-1111, 111-1112, 111-1113... until you figured it out. The divine is all around us. You can pray to them. out loud or in your head, just talk. If this is the first time meeting, introduce yourself, be respectful, ask if they would like to work with you. Explain why you wish to work with them. Ask for a sign if it is a yes, then thank them for listening. You can pick the sign, but do not be too obvious or obtuse. Say, if it is a yes, you want to see the number 444, or if their animal is a black dog, you want to see three black dogs for a yes.

Altars can also be helpful, but not necessary, especially at first. They also do not need to be permanent, big, obvious altars. There is an Altoids tin altar trend where people carry a mini altar with them. You could keep everything in a shoe box or locked drawer. Even a strategic altar which looks like a decoration can work. But, not needed to connect with the divine. You can create astral altars and they will work. Basically, while meditating, visualize a sacred space where you can have an altar and your deity can join you face to face.

If you do not have a deity in mind, be observant. Practice mindfulness and meditation to keep you aware of your surroundings. This works not only to recognize when a deity is reaching out, but synchronicities and signs which can answer questions you might have. What is your cultural background? Research the deities your ancestors might have worked with. What animals do you like? Colour? Time of day? Activities? Are you drawn to a certain element, season, or type of weather? Google ''Deity associated with'' whatever you feel drawn to. You should feel this connection when you see your deity. It might not be dramatic, but something like you keep returning to a deity, you feel a pulse, a warmth, or a type of familiarity to a deity. That would be a sign you might want to reach out. They might not be your forever deity, but this could be a step on your journey.

Lastly, while meditation is important and you can connect while meditating, keep a dream journal. Divine beings usually connect with us through dreams. You might not hear a deity like someone is standing next to you, but you might get a feeling, a random song in your head, or notice patterns in your life. Say you are reaching out to The Morrigan, which is associated with crows. Suddenly, you notice crows following you or acting strangely. This is usually a sign a deity is reaching out. Also, if you know any divination, you can try using divination to communicate.

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