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For blessing or cleansing of a house or a sacred space.

Casting Instructions for 'Protection'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Sage
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Sage
Start in one room of the house (or space). Light the sage and begin walking throughout the house into every room. As you walk, constantly recite this until you have done every single room: [The word house can be interchanged with space or ect.]

By the power of the sun,
The light that shines bright,
And the Goddess moon,
That shines every night;
They cast light, love, and glow.
They will protect me as I go.

A circle of light protects my house
White, positive and pure,
My will,
As I say it will be done,
Safe and protected,
Warm like the sun.

Only love happiness, and positive will remain,
I banish all negative and evil with my will, mind, and brain.

The guardians of the north, east, south, and west,
I call to you!
Join in my quest!

Earth, Water, Fire, and Air,
Aided by Spirit,
I invite you here.
Use your energy and power with white,
To banish all evil with or not in sight.

I am calm, safe, and serene,
Tranquility is what now is seen.
We are being watched over by the Goddess above,
Who cares for us,
And showers us with protection and love.

Protection is cast,
And here it will stay,
For the remainder of all days.

I cast protection to my house, everyone, and everything in it.
By angels, gods, and guardians.
We and I are protected.
Forever and Always
I say this by my name,
By the grace of Spirit.
So mote it be!


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