Rebound Spell

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A spell to rebound any curse or binding permanently.

Casting Instructions for 'Rebound Spell'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 candle, preferably white, for concentration
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 candle, preferably white, for concentration
After you have shielded yourself, do the following:

1. Light candle and concentrate on the flame and how it flickers.
2. Say the following: My shields are my guardians. My shields are my protectors. Whenever a curse or binding may appear, they will protect me by making them disappear. Far away they shall go, back to the place where the came from before. With the strength of nature, and the guidance of their wisdom, these shields will rebound the evil forces of curses and bindings. As I blow out this candle, so mote it be.
3. Blow out the candle and thank the spirits and the nature.

As a thanks, find a way to honor the goddess of earth, Gaea.


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As outlined, this does not work. I can see this working as a protection, or a way to cleanse your run of the mill negative energy, but to remove all curses permanently, no. Your shield is an energetic barrier you construct before you leave your home so any daily negativity does not stick to your aura and build. When negative energy builds in your energetic field, it can cause curse-like symptoms. This is why regular cleansings and daily shielding is so important. You can call on your guardians, guides, deities and spirits to protect you, or help you remove negativity, but they are not your shield. You imagine energy surrounding your body and protecting you. That is it. Many go with a bubble, but you use whatever image that makes you feel safe. If calling on your guides helps, you can, but it is not necessary in shielding. As for the chant, I prefer more simplistic, to the point chants, but if you like it, I do not see any harm in using it. Overall, this could help cleanse your aura, and you could use it for a weekly cleanse, but it will not break curses. You will need something more powerful for a curse. However, if you keep your protections strong, it is highly unlikely you will ever experience a curse. Hex maybe, build up of negative energy sure, but a curse curse? Not unless you are actively antagonizing a Witch who works with curses.

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