Rebound Spell


1 candle, preferably white, for concentration


A spell to rebound any curse or binding permanently.

Spell Casting

After you have shielded yourself, do the following:

1. Light candle and concentrate on the flame and how it flickers.
2. Say the following: My shields are my guardians. My shields are my protectors. Whenever a curse or binding may appear, they will protect me by making them disappear. Far away they shall go, back to the place where the came from before. With the strength of nature, and the guidance of their wisdom, these shields will rebound the evil forces of curses and bindings. As I blow out this candle, so mote it be.
3. Blow out the candle and thank the spirits and the nature.

As a thanks, find a way to honor the goddess of earth, Gaea.
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