Who is haunting me?

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This spell is to help reveal who is huanting you in their true form, hopefully. Be careful when useing this spell.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 candle or as many as you want
  • A lighter
  • Insence(if possible)
  • Hope
  • Concentration
  • Or the third eye
  • Voice
  • Paitence

Casting Instructions for 'Who is haunting me?'

Okay, take your candle, and maybe insence, get your lighter, and make sure you are sure you want to do this. Cast a circle for just incase it is a demon. Light the candle(insence too) first and shut your eyes. When you have them shut, meditate a little and imganine the spirit you have seen, then imagine them forming into all the possible true forms.

Now say these words, ''May the spirit whom is huanting my house
Come forth to me where he(she) can't harm me
No other soul but the one whom I shall be calling forth
Shall he(she) reveal him(her)self to me
His(her) true form
So mote it be.''

Open your eyes and wait paitently. After 15 minutes of nothing shut your eyes and look. Hopefully now you know what he or she is. I came up with the spell myself.

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