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Name: silentwatchr
Location: Drowning in studies and music
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Member of DARK DEMON HUNTERS =P Yes I know you're jelouse now. LOL. Just ask witch_nari, QTIGERQ, azael, and/or brookel to join ;P
Hello everyone, I'm Leslie, or Lilly. I was born on December 26, in 1996. I am about to be 12 yrs old. I'm not religiouse at all. I am in the 6th grade.
I am Jinx's, Izzy's, and other peoples sister spiritaully. I am an aunt of Nessiressme, Izzy's baby girl. Nessi is getting a little sister too :D So I'm happy about that, Izzy has yet to name the little angel!! Someday I'm gonna go and visit little Nessi and her baby sister and Izzy !! ^-^ Hehe :D
Ano.. I am intrested in becoming an elementist annd I also would like to manipulate things. And maybe see if I can change their laws. Just a lot of random things I'm intrested in.
I have really weird dreams. So I may need to have help with those.