Summon the Wiccan Devil

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Summon a semi-secret egregore informally known as the Wiccan Devil
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Ingredients
  • Cauldron or steel bowl on heat-proof surface
  • Altar
  • 1 black candle
  • 1 red candle
  • 2 candle holders
  • charcoal or wood for burning
  • barbeque starter fluid
  • altar cloth with a spooky looking print on it(optional)
  • barbecue lighter
  • Cedar incense
  • lavendar oil
  • sulfur
  • thumbtack, nail
  • athame (any consecrated knife will do)
  • wand
  • chalice or cup
  • pentacle or skull
  • Black or dark brown robe(optional)

Casting Instructions for 'Summon the Wiccan Devil'

You may have heard people say ''Witches(Wiccans) don't believe in or worship the Christian Devil.'' This is true, they don't worship a devil. However, an evil chthonic being of chaos has emerged as an unintended byproduct of their rituals. His true name is only shared with initiates, and can be used to bind him from entering a magic circle. Using appropriate ritual symbolism, knowing this name is not necessary, same as the ''Lord and Lady''. He may reveal one of his unholy names to you during ritual, and this must not be shared without his approval. Note the goal of this ritual is not to invoke Satan and the Goetia, but we do employ their power as a means of communing with this far more intractable entity.

He may appear to summoners as a mixture of human, goat, and rhino body parts, dirty black fur, razor sharp teeth and claws, three horns, and glowing red eyes. He is said to exhale smoke when agitated, and reeks of rotting meat. He sometimes comes arrayed in rusty oversized armor weilding an enormous rusty sword, and is accompanied by a swarm of flies and biting insects. This beast is not Satan; his demeanor makes Satan look like Mother Teresa. (no disrespect to either intended) Be warned! He is said to have instantly obliterated entire covens of new age hippies with his void projection. His roar can be heard miles away and can make you go deaf if close. He is not an entity to be trifled with, and only experienced practitioners with a clear intent and strong will should attempt working with him.

This ritual is best performed on a new moon or Wiccan sabbat, preferably Samhain.

Set up your altar with an altar cloth away from flammable objects, either indoors or outdoors preferably near a leyline. There should be a roughly 9 foot in diameter space around the altar for casting a circle. The altar should be in the center of your circle and facing north. Have your book of shadows and pen nearby to take notes on your ritual.

Cleanse and consecrate your tools. Void energy works better than light vibrations for this ritual, so visualize yourself projecting darkness into them which will neutralize all prior enchantments.

Start the fire in the cauldron in the center of your altar with the charcoal, starter fluid, and lighter. Put your incense in the fire. Anoint the candles with lavendar oil. Put the red one on the right side of the altar, and the black one on the left. Carve an inverted pentacle in the red candle with your tack or athame and a circle on the black candle with a smaller circle (or upwards facing crescent moon) inside it to symbolize psychic opening.

Anoint your forehead with lavendar oil and light the candles.

Walk counterclockwise (widdershins) at least 3 times around the altar to close the circle. Focus and state your intent vehemently: May the powers of Saturn and the Infernal Kings bring success to my ritual! Trace and visualize the symbol of Saturn in the air over your altar.

Next, we call the quarters and exhort the Demon kings to send forth their elemental power.

Facing east, raise the blade and say: Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar. We greet thee Lucifer, manifest as air and the blade. Bless this circle and join us now!

Facing south, raise the wand and say: Ganic Tasa fubin. We greet thee Flereous, manifest as fire and the wand. Bless this circle and join us now!

Facing west, raise the cup and say: Jedan Tasa hoet naca. We greet thee Leviathan, manifest as water and the chalice. Bless this circle and join us now!

Facing north, raise the pentacle or skull and say: Lirach Tasa Vefa Wehlic. We greet thee Belial, manifest as earth and the pentacle. Bless this circle and join us now!

Face the altar and say: The circle is complete and I am one with the circle. Lord Satan, bestow upon me the streangth of spirit I need to face whom I seek. Send forth the Slayer of Cerne, the Dark Side of the Moon, the Defiler of Witches, the Shade of Apophis, the black Flame of Mendes. Wiccan Devil, Join me in this circle tonight!

Note: there is nothing official whatsoever about these titles, but he will understand you want him to come regardless.

Throw sulfur into the flame so that the whole area smells strongly of it.

Meditate in front of the altar and gaze into the flame, while maintaining your focus on breathing to block out mundane thoughts. Be attentive for signs, voices, and visions. You may use a mantra or visualize what you expect him to look like.

He may require offerings or some action in return if you tell him to assist you in magic. Do not ask, but tell him what you want respectfully.

He is a powerful spirit, and does not need a license to depart, but tell him clearly when you want the summoning to end.

Facing center: Satan, I give thanks for your blessings.
Facing north: Belial, I give thanks for your blessings.
Facing west: Leviathan, I give thanks for your blessings.
Facing south: Flereus, I give thanks for your blessings.
Facing east: Lucifer, I give thanks for your blessings.

Uncast the circle by circumambulating clockwise 3 times. When the circle is open, extinguish the cauldron and candles or let them burn down safely.

Ground and center to release the void energy accrued during the rite and return to your normal vibrational state.

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There's nothing wrong with working with the Devil, but there's no such thing as a ''Wiccan Devil.'' Also, witchcraft and Wicca are not synonymous, as the article implies. Witchcraft is a practice, and Wicca is a religion.

There is no devil in Wicca. Wiccans do not believe in an ultimate good deity fighting against an ultimate bad deity. Wiccans believe in a Goddess and God who fall in love, grow old, die, and are reborn. They are not pure good or pure evil, they are like us, they are kind and loving, but occasionally can get upset and do something rash. Nature is like this too, calm and safe, occasionally a tornado, the tornado is not evil, it is just a part of nature. Christians believe if you do bad the devil will take you when you die. Wiccans believe when you do bad, you receive bad as punishment in this lifetime. It is not overblown, if you steal a cookie you don't get your arm chopped off, but your conscious will eat away at you, causing a stomach ache. When Wiccans die they believe they are reincarnated, so there is no hell, therefore no devil to punish you after death. You cannot judge another faith based on your preconceived biases. Just because you believe in the devil does not mean all religions have a one to one comparison.

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