Traversal of the Dead gates

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A way to witness areas in the afterlife first-hand, by switching places with a dead soul.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 Black candle
  • 1 Bloodstone(any black and red gemstone)

Casting Instructions for 'Traversal of the Dead gates'

To proceed in the transferal of the dead souls, begin by lighting the candle at midnight. You must be in a place that is unoccupied, but is familiar to death. Call out the name of the dead soul in which you see necessary to switch places with four(4) times. Then call out, ''Charon, thee who watches the borders, step aside for me!'' Then, call out the name of the dead soul five(5) times more, and call out, ''Soubeki, thee who guards the Styx, step aside for me!'' Once again, call the name of the dead soul six(6) times, then put out the candle. In complete darkness, call out in a whisper, ''Mephistopheles, King of the dead, step aside and let us switch!'' Tap the bloodstone to the ground 7 times, and the switch will occur instantly. You have one aeonit, around 56 minutes, to spend in the afterlife. Then the magic will be reversed, and you will switch back. To close the barriers, tap the bloodstone to the ground twice and call loudly, ''The three guards have finished thine duties, so return to thine gates!'' And the spell is complete.

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