Charm Of Mystic Protection

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use this charm for protection against death curses. this charm will keep you from getting any further harm by the person that tries to kill you with magick and binds them from doing further damage to your mind and body.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • a empty vile that is small
  • mortar and pestle
  • 1 black candle
  • rosemary
  • star anise
  • whole cloves
  • were wolf blood
  • dark energy
  • a peace of black thread

Casting Instructions for 'Charm Of Mystic Protection'

git your mortar and pestle out and pout one large pinch of rosemary and whole cloves in the mortar. next break up the star anise up into small peaces and crush the star anise seeds and place all that in your mortar. next pout three drops of were wolf blood in the herbal mix after you thoroughly grounded the mix with all your dark energy in it. Next lite the black candle and pout a good bit of the melted wax into the herbal mix. finally stir the black wax thoroughly in the herbal mix and pout the mix in the small vile and find a cork of some kind to cap of the vile. finally pout a layer of the melted wax on top of the cork until it is completely covering the whole top of the vile. next lightly carve in to the wax the ancient alphabet that symbolizes protection and binding. Finely rap a black thread around the vales neck and form a loop in it so you can were it around your neck.

PS: do this in the time of a full moon and have in mind what or who it was that placed the cures on you.

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