Pandora's Box Banishment Spell

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This is a spell that will help you banish or ease your problems, or help you get through them
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • a small cardboard box with a lid, if you don't have a box you can use a paper bag
  • a fire
  • things that represents your problems (make sure they can be burnt)
  • string or yarn

Casting Instructions for 'Pandora's Box Banishment Spell'

Go to a place where you cannot be disturbed. Since this spell will use fire, you must cast it outside on the night of a waning moon. Light a fire, and stare into it's flames, focus on your intentions. Remember, you are about to banish your problems. Once you think you're ready, take your box or bag. Put all of the things that represents your problem in the box, make sure they can be burnt. Another alternative, is to write your problems on pieces of paper and put them in the box, this is a much safer way. But whichever method you use, it's all up to you. Once this is done, close the box or bag and tie it with the string to seal it. You have created your Pandora's box, where all your problems are kept. Now for the banishing part. Take your box, and throw it into the fire. Watch as the fire burns the box along with your problems. Then, say:
''Problems that haunt me
please go away,
and leave me be
be gone now and forever more
Blessed be''
Now two things can happen if you cast this spell correctly. Your problems will either disappear, or they will slowly ease and you will be able to solve them. If they don't disappear, then this is a chance for you to learn something. Hope i helped , Blessed be!

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