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this is to help you get rid of unwanted spirits and cleanse your space
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A banishing ritual should be done on a Saturday when the Moon is waning. Use a standard ritual and write on a piece of paper asking Satan to bless the area.
  • Place the sigils of Flauros (Havres, Haures) and Orobas on your altar during the ritual. These two Demons work to keep unwanted spirits out. Ask that they be blessed and empowered, and for Satan to send these Demons to you to protect your area.

Casting Instructions for 'Banishing Ritual'

When you burn the paper, meditate strongly and imagine a strong electric blue light, like a flame, run it along the ceiling, in the corners, down the walls and the floor. If you can get your friends to help in the ritual, your combined power will really do the job. Everyone should focus the blue light.

Thank Satan and the Powers of Hell for blessing your area. Make sure the sigils are well protected. I put mine in a CD case.

Any spirits or negative energies in the area should be banished. This ritual may have to be repeated if the unwanted energies are particularly strong.

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