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Harder method to banish but more reliable.

Casting Instructions for 'Banish spirit (advanced)'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Ability to project and manipulate energy
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Ability to project and manipulate energy
For those who cannot project DO NOT USE THIS. This method was taught to me by a friend who loaned me energy.

First invite the spirit in and focus on its energy. When you project use its enegy to bring it with you.

Summon the energy you are using to your hand. Using this energy, draw a pentagram in the air in front of you. this is to act as a shield from evil energies.

Next say this:
By the power of the five elements,
I banish you from this realm.
May the Earth swallow you.
May you never find water.
May the air you breathe be a poison to you.
May fire burn you eternally.
May your spirit be banished always.
Let my will be done,
so mote it be.

Do this all in the projection and it should banish the spirit. I will not promise results for reasons explained in faq on spellcasting.


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This will not work as a banishing. Calling in a spirit, then leaving your physical form can be dangerous. You have natural protections in place, but it is like leaving your front door open while you are in the house. Anyone can walk in, and while you are there to force them out, it is not guaranteed you can catch them in time. Secondly, a shield by drawing a pentagram in the air? This is what circle casting is for. To protect yourself from unwanted energies. Yes, pentagrams can be protective, but pentagrams typically represents the elements while a pentacle is for protection. Finally, if you have a spirit bothering you, chanting alone is not enough. Chanting while burning banishing herbs, spraying cleansing potion around your home, sprinkling protection sand around the property line, these things can help with unwanted spirits. Drawing something in the air and saying ''out because I say so'' will not be enough to remove the unwanted guest. And if you need more energy, projecting is probably the worst idea. You would become an ethereal being and be on the same plane as the spirit and therefore putting yourself in danger in the process.

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