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This spell is more of a call to the God of thunder to help you get someone's love.

Casting Instructions for 'God of Thunder Love Spell'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Thunder storm
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Thunder storm
Make sure that it is raining and thundering outside. Meditate outside for a couple of minutes, until you see lightning, and hear thunder. As you hear the thunder, shout:

''God of Thunder, Hear my plee,
I wish for this all to be.
(First and Last name of the person you desire), I wish for (his/her) love.
Please grant my wish, with your power from above.''


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I do not think that saying some words under a thunderstorm can get you what you want. Sure, thunderstorms are great to recharge energy and then you can use that energy in spells for achieving a purpose.

Incomplete and flawed. This does not work. There is nothing with love energy in this. Calling on a deity but not by name is pointless. It is like yelling Hey, you in a crowded room. If you do not work with a specific deity, do not call on them without an offering. Also, if you are casting a love spell, call on a deity who is assoicated with love. Lastly, there is no Magikal energy behind this either.

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