White magick revenge

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Use this spell to get revenge on someone without having such a bad karmic backlash. And if you dont like using black magick, well this is the spell to use.

Casting Instructions for 'White magick revenge'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • your voice!
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • your voice!


Think of the person you want to curse, look at a picture of the person, or say it directly to the person.



"what was brought down upon me be returned but times three. Head to toe, skin and nerve. Maybe you get exactly what you deserve."


Added to on Jul 31, 2018
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a man cannot be cursed so easily

Mar 24, 2019
Actually, you can. All magick is intent. You can bless or curse someone by focusing and directing energy. Not sure how well this specific one would work, but I have done some pretty simple curses which were nothing more than a chant and they worked. They may not be ''curse for all eternity'' but they were a few weeks of misfortune [which was all I wanted from them]

It really drives me crazy when people call a curse ''white Magick'' or ''karma'' as a way to outsmart the threefold law. Magick is neutral, it's the casters intent that makes it good or bad. If you're wanting to harm someone, even if they hurt you first, it's bad. I'm not saying it's wrong or you shouldn't do it, I'm saying don't lie to yourself and say you're justified and therefore doing good. Cast whatever, just be honest with yourself.

Oct 10, 2019
What if he's a mean spiteful, spoiled man child who thinks hitting you and pointing a gun at you makes him a man. I want him to experience it and see how little of a human being he is. He makes me sick! So I will do this and expect what I have coming to me for it but at least he will get a taste of his own medicine - I HOPE.

Oct 11, 2019
sorry, what now? i never said one way or the other about the spell, i was simply pointing out magick is neutral, and personally it annoys me when people want to curse someone but not feel bad about cursing someone [and go with a ''white magick'' curse] i'm just saying don't hide behind the ''it's white magick so i'm not cursing the person'' just curse the person. if this guy you're wanting to curse is as vile as you claim, and you feel it's justified, do it. [i've cursed people before, and i don't judge people who cast spells for whatever reason, i just want them to know why they're casting] so yeah, go for it, go as far as you want, you seem determined and angry enough to curse him. [unless you're calling me out for being a ''man child'' in which case, you do realize i'm a woman, right?] best of luck

Apr 12, 2020
I’m sorry Nekoshema I am just seeing this response and apologize for the confusion. He had brought me such negativity and despair that I didn’t quit get my words right. He was a monster and still is and I take full responsibility for slapping a curse on him. He asked for it so I don’t feel bad about it. After many wounds, stitches and picking my pride and self worth off the floor - I sling that curse like I was a queen! Thank you for always making sure we have the correctness with what we do in here in a caring matter.

Apr 12, 2020
Oh and I knew you were a woman. The vile thing I had to deal with is a man child lol

Apr 12, 2020
That's fine. I was simply confused by the response. I wasn't saying you should or shouldn't cast [I hope it didn't come across that way] I do find it annoying when people want to curse someone [regardless of why] but go ''but I don't want bad karma for doing this'' firstly, most in the west don't understand have karma works because it's a borrowed concept from another culture. Secondly, I believe there's nothing wrong with curses, there's problems with the reasoning. Most people either get into an argument and run to the curse, or curse for fun and trying to seem tough/cool. Those who curse for fun usually get a build-up of negative energy that bites them hard down the road. Those who curses without thinking, always regret it once they calm down, they get nervous, charge energy, and punish themselves in the process. If you thought about it, concluded it's the right thing to do for you, cast it like a queen [as you said] you chose this is right, so accept your choice and don't doubt yourself.

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