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This spell will help you go inside of a TV screen while a movie is playing.

Casting Instructions for 'Television Magick'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Four dark blue candles and two light blue candles.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Four dark blue candles and two light blue candles.

Gather 4 dark blue candles and 2 light blue candles.
Be sure to light them.

Soak your hands in salt water and place hands on screen.
Take 8 deep breaths and recite 3 times:

"Oh fire gods hear my plee,
help me in my time of need.
By the powers of three times three,
let me enter this TV,
so I could have a better life, you see.
By the powers of three times three,
let me see, oh blessed be!"



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Can we also enter into computer screens

Apr 18, 2021
No, you can't physically enter other realms. While tech witches are a thing, they don't enter the computer, they use technology in their craft.

Mar 04, 2022
of course not, but in terms of ''neopaganism'', they makes ritual online, with webcam together, or keep the ritual in video format. so they play the visual,chanting,Magic video while ritual. Example: ''gotthard base tunnel ritual'' video, a switzerland's world longest railway , just search that.

Why can't I just use a wish spell on this spell

Apr 18, 2021
Because wish spells also follow the laws of magick. A Wish spell is a way to make a specific desire known instead of a generic one [a love spell to attract your crush could be considered a wish spell] wishes to be inside a tv world won't work for the same reason this spell won't. At best, you could create an astral realm to act like a show you enjoy, and on the astral, you could spend time in the world, but physically, it's not possible.

You cannot enter a television screen and physically live in a television show.

Apr 18, 2021
In gonna just this nothing impossible I'm gonna to least try spell

No. You can't enter a TV. Divination spells involving the TV? Sure. Actually entering the thing? Not at all.

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