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After a breakup with a person that you feel has nothing left for you.

Casting Instructions for 'Return Love'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • VERY STRONG EMOTIONS 4 person and a STRONG DESIRE to have love returned. Blood, tears, and all.
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • VERY STRONG EMOTIONS 4 person and a STRONG DESIRE to have love returned. Blood, tears, and all.
I was very distressed after a breakup with my ex(I found out he was cheating) so while in tears I repeated with great force this chant;

(MUST BE ON KNEES in a prayer position and worked up. Think about all the love that was sent out into relationship.)

''I invoke the law of 3 what once was lost returns to me, I gave my love my heart to see, I have given love now I receive...I give love, I receive love. I give love, I receive love. Saint Anthony find my love for me. Return love to me 3*3!''

*I ex wasnt the one ...BUT another man came along and loves me intensely. INTENSELY. I mean drop everything lets get joint bank account intense.*


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Where is there a school of magic I am dying to get in...

May 26, 2019
There are several schools around the world, but honestly, there is no point in attending, they are expensive and you can learn a lot more on your own from chatting with practitioners, books and online resources.

How long does this take to work exactly or is it different for everyone?

Dec 04, 2022
There's no guaranteed timeline for spells. Everyone's situation, the energy put into the spell, and the skill of the witch are all different. I typically give spells one moon cycle [or a month] to show some kind of result. You might not have a partner by the end of the month, but you should see interest, more love in your life, and positive results in your love life within that month. If nothing changed, it would be either the spell not working, or you not putting in the effort [say you cast the spell, but don't go to any social gatherings, talk to your crush, join dating apps, and so on] Magick puts things in motion, you still have to put in some effort for it to work. Another option is you're not ready at this time. Say you or the other person needs to do some personal growth. Try it, but be observant. [since the chant doesn't say ''romantic love'' or ''partner'' you could see love in terms of self-love, friends, family, pets. You should noticed more people around and doing/saying kind things]

I hope it works I said three times

Spells alot of energy

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